WORST DIET EVER – GM DIET | BeerBiceps Weight Loss

WORST DIET EVER – GM DIET | BeerBiceps Weight Loss



Detailed WRITTEN Indian Weight-reduction plan Plan for weight reduction : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaPQwZ5L34c

Girls’s Health : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xViWU57xDk4&listing=PLfNW_1ECVaTi_kaEMf7yWpish86stX-j0

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The GM Weight-reduction plan Plan is presumably one of many worst weight reduction errors you may ever make. Not solely is it unscientific, however even worse – it could completely spoil your well being. Should you’re searching for the detailed GM weight loss program plan, I’ve spoken about it in as we speak’s video. Been seeing this weight loss program achieve reputation particularly amongst Indian vegetarian women who’re searching for weight reduction weight loss program plans.

Earlier than entering into any weight loss program just like the GM weight loss program, first it’s good to perceive the unwanted effects and the science. The GM or Normal Motors Weight-reduction plan Plan is one developed in 1985 by the Normal Motors firm to assist staff cope with weight associated points. Its outdated and atrocious for well being! The BeerBiceps protocol – Study the science & keep away from it!


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  1. I have one confusion ,you said that everyone​ needs protein in gm per kg of weight but I have watched jeet seelal's video and he said that everyone needs protein gm per lb of body weight so what is true ans me

  2. True
    It is Worst diet

  3. There is one thing a lot of fitness youtubers do get mixed up. An average adult has enough fat stores to last about 20-21 days on complete starvation. Someone who is obese/overweight will have significantly more fat stores. So going on a starvation diet/extreme deficit diet for short periods of time (less than 10 days) will not harm your muscles as much as one thinks, provided you stimulate your muscles during that period of starvation. By doing so, you are telling your body that you will be needing your muscles and will ensure that most of the calories your body is going to use is from fat (you will get to full ketosis in matter of 3 days). These bouts of starvation grant it might slash your metabolism, but fine tuning the amount of time under extreme diet and muscle gain post that diet regime can bring your metabolism right back up. That being said, this is not applicable for someone new to the weight loss routine, but for someone who is really close to their ideal body weight and want to lose that last 5-10 kg of stubborn fat that you just can't loose.
    PS: you will lose some muscle mass. But if you weigh in the cons of the extra fat you are carrying, the consequence of lost muscle mass is not significant.

  4. i used this diet to kickstart my weightloss/fitness goals. i lost 8lbs in 7days and felt alot better after the 7 days. i went onto a healthy eating diet plan and i have now lost 23lbs in 10 wks. i did not gain even 1lb back after coming off this diet. it worked well for me 🙂

  5. We all know what happened from 0:43 to 0:46 :p

  6. I came across this video while checking out a GM diet plan. Your video changed my mind and now i eat healthy and workout more. thanks 🙂

  7. plz make a video on military diet…

  8. bhai pehle khud to bna sahi…

  9. what's GM diet

  10. hahahahahaha show your certifications first before talking shit….

  11. Thank you, very help full video

  12. You are just saying that the gm diet is a joke bcoz it didn't work on you nigga

  13. stop moving so much it's more annoying then ur videos n it's same as keto diet which even u promote the same so stop ur blah

  14. I thought guru mann diet

  15. then which is gud diet????? u tell it first

  16. acha tere achi hai chutiya

  17. I am in my 4th day n already losed 2 kgs

  18. Heyyy first of all ..Love ur channel…and can u plz make a video about liquid diet ??

  19. Bro, GM diet is good enough to follow . A small logic people will always forget is burning calories we consume..

  20. I am not against beer biceps science. But personally i feel it is quite helpful for people who want to kickstart and get motivated for weight loss.Trust me when i tell you this it will turn your body into a fat burning furnace in just the first 2 days.Long back i tried out GM diet and it absolutely worked wonders for me, do you know why because it motivated me and gave me hope that weight loss is possible. The main reason for any diet plan failure is because we lose motivation as we dont see fast results but GM diet helps by providing that motivation in a very short period of time. when you actually see kilos dropping (water weight) it changes your mind set , trust me. i lost 4 Kgs in a week it was the best feeling ever. The diet is a torture for beginners but then nothing came easy. People who cannot do it will always bitch about it.

  21. You logic is not right on gm diet

  22. i thought you were talkin abt gurumann (GM) but its diffrent lol

  23. I thought GM diet means Guru Mann diet. I had faith in you that you won't insult others, & you haven't disappointed 🙂 .
    Guru Mann & Beerbieceps are only 2 fitness channels I follow 🙂

  24. hey dude your right…. apki baat ekdum sahi hai..
    but mujhe yeh bataiye koi bi crush deit follow kare..uske baad weight regain hota hi hai…so my question is this… crush deit ke bad agar hum balance deit yaa healthy deit suru karte hai maintain ke liye fir bhi daily regain hona suru ho jaata hai….tab hume kya karna chaiye??means hum exercises bhi karte hai daily walking bhi jaate hai aur deit bhi control rahte hai fir bhi regain hota jaaye toh kya karna chaiye??….
    –kya hume normal deit par reh kar space lena chaiye…
    —yaa fir balance deit par hi rehna chaiye?…
    kyu ki weight gain toh hota hi hai…
    toh kya kare?…aur kaise apni body ko kick kare jise normally hoke bhi weight loss kare…and maintain bhi rahi….plzzzzzz help…kyu ki kaafi log apna time aur apni life aise deit crush me bharbad kar rahe hai…apki help se kahiyo ko help mil jaye GI…PlZzz bataiye ya video bnaiye.. crush deit ke baad weight regain ho toh use healthy step by step kaise maintain kare…plzzzzzz help….I will wait for your reply…plzz sochiye ga…aur humari help karna

  25. I love gm diet …… Main nay 1 week 5 kg wt loss kia …..
    Thanks gm diet

  26. abhe chutiya vo certified Nutritionist hai or tu kya hai gandu
    phele certificate Bata fir bolna pata nahi kha kha se aajate hai

  27. gm diet means???

  28. I thought it was Guru mann diet

  29. I followed this diet and lost lots of weight before my wedding years ago. I also felt fantastic and my skin looked amazing. Science or no science. I looked fantastic! 🙂


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