What Ought to a Private Coach Look Like?


The “standard” picture of a well being and train skilled is continually evolving, very similar to the health trade itself, and issues concerning physique picture abound. That is due, at the least partly, to the truth that constructing a greater, extra environment friendly and higher-performing physique is a part of the enterprise of health. Alternatively, health isn’t simply concerning the bodily physique—at the least it shouldn’t be.

Whereas the health trade has by no means been proof against body-image points, the subject has extra not too long ago gained larger consideration. In a current problem of the IDEA Health Journal, health skilled Amanda Vogel argued that “body image issues in the fitness industry are nothing new. But the need for a more positive philosophy and more diverse perceptions of beauty is especially relevant right now. With rising competition from fitness technologies, social media stars who plug fitness, TV trainers and an increasingly crowded marketplace within our own communities, a nice body can (and should) only get you so far in this industry” (Vogel, 2018).

Which brings us to the closely debated query: “What should a personal trainer look like?” Different intriguing questions are offshoots of this debate, together with:

  • What makes a private coach profitable?
  • What makes a private coach certified and worthwhile?
  • Is the best way a private coach seems to be immediately associated to consumer success?
  • Is it a practical and honest expectation that each one well being and train professionals have an ideal physique?
  • What does good even imply?

Judging by previous definitions and pictures of “perfection,” nobody actually is aware of. So, why ought to we care?

Health specialists will agree: An ideal physique isn’t essential to be an expert within the well being and health trade or to achieve success within the trade. This opinion, nonetheless, is counterintuitive to the photographs portrayed in trade ads, social media and advertising supplies. Pictures of the stereotypical chiseled, six-pack abs on scantily clad our bodies dominate the visible aids to which we and our purchasers are uncovered.

Consequently, it’s extra the rule —relatively than the exception—for a consumer to make assertions akin to “I want to have a six-pack” or “I want to get a perfect body by next summer.” It’s additionally common for well being and train professionals to put the identical stress on themselves to “look” the half. What’s attention-grabbing is that almost all of well being and train professionals don’t make well being and health about an outward look. As an alternative, their focus is on serving to somebody construct a greater way of life.

So, why ought to we, because the professionals, place stress on ourselves to acquire and preserve a so-called good physique when nobody is aware of what which means?

In her article, Vogel argued that the change has to start with us (2018). Chris Gagliardi, an ACE Licensed Skilled agrees. “The perfect body is the one you are confident in. We cannot equate physical appearance with knowledge, competence or professional effectiveness. It’s time we, as both an industry and individual professionals, acknowledge that healthy looks different for and on everybody.”

How can we assist our purchasers develop physique confidence and physique delight if we ourselves are incapable of doing the identical?

Maybe the very best query to ask isn’t what a private coach ought to appear to be, however what a private coach ought to be like. Being a private coach shouldn’t be about becoming into some cookie-cutter, air-brushed, photo-shopped picture. It’s about character, integrity, ardour and data. Additional, success as a private coach shouldn’t be dependent upon the presence or absence of some idealized bodily attributes that most individuals are unlikely to own. We have to acknowledge that our ideas and phrases have super energy. We additionally should begin inserting the deal with what actually issues—the person and the contributions she or he makes to the health trade. The sum complete of a well being and train skilled’s contribution is not going to be his or her physique. If that’s how we see it, we’re, fairly sadly, adrift in our mission.

When you’ve ever attended an expert health trade convention or workshop, the photographs you see in ads don’t precisely painting the professionals within the trade. Health professionals look totally different from one another and that’s O.Ok. That’s genuine. That’s actual. We’re function fashions. We’re leaders. We’re influencers. Let that be the mark we depart and be judged upon—not a measurement or quantity on the size.

What ought to a private coach appear to be? Such as you. Like me. Like every of us in our particular person and imperfect glory. That’s what we appear to be.



Vogel, A. (2018). Does the health trade have a physique picture drawback? IDEA Health Journal, 15, 2.

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