What I Eat In A Day To LOSE WEIGHT | How I Misplaced 60 Kilos!!

What I Eat In A Day To LOSE WEIGHT | How I Misplaced 60 Kilos!!



You requested it so right here it’s, my first ‘what I eat in a day’ video!! That is usually the sort of meals that I eat on a really “healthy” day. I do not eat the identical factor on a regular basis, that is simply an instance of a few of my fav meals to eat. Though I am at the moment not dropping pounds, and simply sustaining, I nonetheless eat the identical meals as after I was as a result of dropping pounds is a way of life change 🙂

I forgot so as to add this within the video, however please solely use this as inspiration (in addition to different youtubers ‘what i eat’ movies) we’re greater than probably completely different in peak/metabolism/physique fats so consuming like this may occasionally not be just right for you.. plus that is solely in the future of my life, typically I eat waaay extra, or far more unhealthy haha.

Depart any questions down beneath that you’ll have for an upcoming weight reduction Q&A!! And let me know if you wish to see one other ‘what I eat’ video.

p.s. sorry for the lighting to start with.. it modifications midway by LOL

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  1. How many bottles of water do u drink a day?

  2. Girl! Your "diet" makes me so happy! Hahaha I love that you use hot sauce! I live cayenne and Tabasco!!

  3. Megan, believe it or not, a great trick to cut onions is to wear Speedo swimming goggles while chopping them. Believe me: From experience… It works!

  4. We have the same taste buds because I would eat all of this!  You look beautiful.

  5. What happened to your right arm???

  6. Girl please. Don't advertise eggs and chicken healthy. x

  7. Thank you for taking time to show us what you eat. That really help me a lot.

  8. I am eating spicy eggs right now they are bomb

  9. Damn girl you eat like 1100 cals plus…..i only eat that much when i am on or near my lady time

  10. Thanks for sharing

  11. You are like a hot version of Snowhite lol!

  12. I love your kitchen

  13. I loved this video. New subscriber 🙂

  14. Chicken and egg yolks are pretty unhealthy especially rotisserie chicken which is pumped with hormones and lots of junk. I'd say neither are necessary items if you're shooting for an ideal diet, but if you really like the taste then I wouldn't sweat it considering they seem to make up a pretty negligent part of your diet. I'm sure you know this because you seem to know a decent amount about nutrition, but meat is not necessary to account for the daily protein intake requirements for a human. Nothing is inherently wrong with the addition of meat to a diet but the way meat is processed these days and the food most livestock eats is pretty sickening. Food items with high fat and cholesterol also put a lot of stress on your cardiovascular and digestive systems which is why the rates of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are so high. As long as you stay away from processed meat such as deli meat and hot dogs, and limit your intake of poultry and beef you should be good. You are certainly better off health wise than a good 95% of Americans. Keep up the quality content.

  15. I always have a bannana

  16. Can i just eat grapes and strawberry

  17. What kind of diet are you on? is it paleo or something else?

  18. What kind of pepper was that?


  20. When u click the video but relate to her sweater so much


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