Visible Novel Natsuiro Kokoro Log Coming to the PS Vita


Developer Dramatic Create has introduced that their visible novel Natsuiro Kokoro Log is coming to PS Vita, initially launched in 2016 on PC. This data involves us from the most recent subject of Dengeki PlayStation, and was translated in English by Gematsu. There sadly wasn’t a lot about Natsuiro Kokoro Log apart from the Vita announcement within the journal, so whether or not of not this port will get any additional options or paths.Natsuiro Kokoro Log has not been launched in English but, so there aren’t too many sources in regards to the visible novel. We are able to get a brief plot abstract from VNDB:Someday, Yoshito was challenged by his senpai Kisara to a match in a preventing sport. Regardless that he was assured in his expertise, she was a high ranker and beat him handily. Consequently, he needed to be part of the cyber-research membership that she was the chief of. It was a comparatively new membership, nevertheless it quickly turned energetic with the addition of his osananajimi and scholar council deputy chief Kuon, his reliable imouto Rin and classmate Kotone.Initially of summer time trip, Yoshito was requested by the membership’s advisor Kanae to assist check out a love simulation sport that’s in growth. Nevertheless, all the feminine avatars within the sport have been performed by the women within the cyber-research membership! As soon as it was revealed that his avatar had an AI which mimicked his persona, they interacted with him in ways in which they usually wouldn’t in actual life. Traversing the road between actuality and creativeness, he may see the true emotions of the heroines who should not sincere with their emotions. Their summer time love story begins now.Natsuiro Kokoro Log for Vita doesn’t presently have a launch date in Japan.[Source: Gematsu, VNDB]

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