This Weasel Is The Key To Hearthstone's Hottest New Deck


Each on occasion, a previously crappy Hearthstone card finds its place in a deck and works so properly that it begins to appear to be it would really be good. Some time again, that card was a Hungry Crab. At present, it’s a fedora-wearing rodent known as Weasel Tunneler.If there’s one factor it is best to find out about at the moment’s Hearthstone metagame, it’s that a lot of the widespread decks you’ll see in aggressive video games run numerous high-quality playing cards. These playing cards both kill you actually shortly, or they frequently apply stress till you merely can’t beat their minions and also you’re pressured to faucet out. From fast and environment friendly “Tempo” Rogue decks, to the obnoxiously constant “Cube” Warlock decks, it’s an enormous wrestle to attempt to make a deck that may both outlast or outpace these widespread archetypes, since they’re already so well-optimized.Fortunately, there’s a brand new deck on the town that may really beat a few of these decks, and on prime of that, it’s a blast to play. Invented by the streamer Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen, “Weasel Priest” doesn’t look to beat the enemy deck outright. As a substitute, it appears to water down the enemy deck till it’s so unhealthy that it turns into beatable.The star of this deck is the Weasel Tunneler, an especially weak little ratty dude with a lazy eye, a creepy smile, and a really unusual impact: When it dies, it will get shuffled into the opponent’s deck.Up to now, playing cards just like the Priest spell Excavated Evil have exhibited comparable “shuffle into the opponent’s deck” mechanics—however Weasel Tunneler is a a lot weaker card than Excavated Evil was, so it has the potential to essentially mess up the enemy’s recreation plan. Since you possibly can solely run a most of two copies of a card in a deck, the trick to Savjz’ Weasel Priest is that it makes copies of Weasels after which resurrects those which have already died with a view to toss as many Weasels as doable into the enemy card pool.The legendary card Herald Volazj could make copies of each Weasel you’ve on the sphere, whereas a card known as Carnivorous Dice will kill your Weasel (shuffling it into the enemy deck), then respawn two extra as soon as it dies. One other card known as Mirage Caller will immediately make a replica of a weasel, whereas playing cards like N’zoth, The Corruptor and Twilight’s Name will revive your lifeless Weasels. Should you play it proper, by the point you get to later turns, the enemy deck has extra Weasels than Redwall.The Weasel Tunneler mechanic has been round since 2016’s Imply Streets of Gadgetzan growth, however up till now, there haven’t been sufficient copy/resurrect playing cards, and it’s been too weak to spend the early turns watering down the enemy deck. In any case, you possibly can’t copy your Weasels for those who’re lifeless at flip 4. To spice up survivability, the Weasel Priest deck runs a Quest card from the Journey to Un’Goro growth known as Awaken the Makers that may improve your max well being over time, supplying you with extra time to construct up Weasels. Even this may not have been sufficient to make the deck work, however current modifications to Hearthstone’s metagame have made a Weasel technique much more viable: Most of at the moment’s widespread decks take a handful of turns to get rolling, so that you’ve acquired much more respiratory room to get the Weasel engine up and working earlier than your enemy begins doing harm.Watching somebody win with Weasel Priest is like watching a toddler win the Indy 500 by tossing marbles onto the monitor: It’s crude, it’s barely unfair, and it’s fairly rattling humorous. Will it develop into a top-tier aggressive contender and the brand new deck that’s so OP that everybody hates it? Perhaps not. However as Savjz and others, like widespread streamer Thijs Molendijk, have demonstrated, Weasel Priest can stand paw-to-paw with a few of the finest decks within the recreation, and rat’s sufficient for me.Wish to run Weasel Priest for your self? Right here’s the code for Savjz’ deck: AAECAa0GCJ8D7QXgrAKKsAKWxALPxwKQ0wLD6gILigH7AbW7AuW8AsPBAtHBAtXBAujQAovhAqniAurmAgA=

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