The untold reality of Eric Ripert


Consider it or not, Ripert’s future as the top chef after which co-owner of Le Bernardin was informed in an eerily correct prophecy. Earlier in his profession, a psychic foretold that he would sooner or later have a restaurant surrounded by water. Spookily, Le Bernardin is in Manhattan — an island. Coincidence? Ripert is not so positive.

“When I moved to Paris at a young age for my first restaurant — it was in the center of Paris where you have the Île Saint-Louis and I was like, ‘That’s it, that’s the place,'” Ripert informed The Talks. “But it wasn’t! I was looking for cities all over the world… I don’t know why I never thought about New York, but it’s obvious, it was right in front of me. But after all that, when I’m cooking I’m not thinking about the ocean.”

Whether or not or not the psychic actually foresaw Ripert’s future, it was positively destiny that led Ripert to  Le Bernardin.

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