The stunning reality of your grocery retailer


Due to a Client Reviews investigation, we now know that almost all floor beef “contains bacteria that signifies fecal contamination.” That is proper, of us — poop. Of the 458 kilos of floor beef examined, not one check got here again sans poop. And sure, sorry, that features natural, grass-fed varieties. The introduction of the micro organism comes from the slaughtering course of, the place fecal matter could make its method from different elements of the cow to the carcass. This turns into a difficulty with floor beef (versus bigger cuts of beef) as a result of the micro organism will get included all through the meat, making it tougher to cook dinner to a excessive sufficient temperature to kill what is likely to be lurking within the center. So whereas a juicy uncommon burger is likely to be your go-to order, you are possible getting a bit greater than you bargained for — and it is in all probability not the key ingredient you have been hoping to uncover.

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