The preferred Easter sweet, ranked worst to greatest


You understand these must be good to be a stable 10 spots forward of their competitor, so what’s it about Starburst Jellybeans that makes them higher than Brach’s Basic Jelly Chicken Eggs? Let’s take into consideration this for a second… oh, proper… they really style good. And bonus, there’s not a single licorice jelly bean in sight.

Starburst Jellybeans are the jelly beans others aspire to be. Their flavors actually do burst in your mouth — there’s nothing obscure in regards to the fruitiness of this sweet. And somewhat than that barely stale vibe different jelly beans give off, these are completely tender and chewy each time, by no means laborious or crackly. 

Maybe the most effective factor about Starburst Jellybeans? As a result of this firm clearly is aware of that crimson sweet is the most effective sweet, they do not even make you decide via an assorted bag to seek out your favorites. You should purchase bagfuls of simply the strawberry, cherry, and watermelon flavors — aptly dubbed FaveReds. Sensible transfer, Starburst.

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