The craziest meals myths, debunked


The parable: Bear in mind Mikey from the Life cereal commercials? Effectively, poor Mikey principally exploded after consuming Pop Rocks and washing them down with soda. RIP, Mikey.

The truth: First issues first — Even when he did mix Pop Rocks and soda, Mikey continues to be very a lot alive, and in line with Snopes, we won’t even make sure that it really occurred. Nonetheless, the rumor persists, and is usually cited as the explanation the sweet was pulled off the market at one level, which can also be not true — it was simply marketed below a special title.   

So can Pop Rocks actually kill you? Meals Republic answered the query: “Yeah, but you’d have to mix them with heroin and inject too much.” That is a no then? The key ingredient within the fizzy sweet is pressurized carbon dioxide, and whereas which may sound scary, the quantity in Pop Rocks is simply one-tenth that of any typical tender drink. In different phrases, you would possibly get a good burp out of it, however you are definitely not going to blow up. 

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