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FuRyu has relaunched the official web site for The Caligula Impact: Overdose, offering a number of latest particulars concerning the recreation’s twin story routes, up to date options, and new and returning characters. Get the data beneath.■ Introduction

Mobius is an ideal digital world created for the imagined good thing about humanity by μ, a digital idol vocaloid program that attained sentience and self-awareness.
Solely people who’re struggling in the actual world and strongly associated to μ’s songs are lured into Mobius.
As soon as they enter, folks typically overlook that the actual world exists. No matter age or gender, they’re became college students and compelled to expertise highschool again and again, which μ considers “the most radiant time in a person’s life.”
To be able to grant the desires of each Mobius resident, μ curates Mobius’ inventive power by singing songs composed by the “Ostinato Musicians.”
At present, the town known as Miyabi is the one bodily space that exists inside Mobius. Its buildings and terrain are drawn from the residents’ reminiscences of the actual world.
In The Caligula Impact: Overdose, the story progresses as two main routes, the “Go-Home Club Route” and the “Musicians Route.”
Go-Dwelling Membership Route

In Mobius, inhabitants turn out to be their “ideal selves” that they couldn’t obtain in the actual world after which repeat highschool endlessly. The protagonist (you) and his or her classmates are outsiders inside Mobius which have realized the existence of a actuality exterior Mobius. Every scholar has a powerful need to return to actuality for their very own particular person causes, and kind a company known as the “Go-Home Club” to discover a technique to escape Mboius as a way to return to actuality.
After all, for the Mobius inhabitants exterior of the Go-Dwelling Membership, they’re very happy to stay on this glad world. The Go-Dwelling Membership, which is attempting to destroy this happiness and return to harsh actuality, can solely be thought of traitors on this world. Because the president of the Go-Dwelling Membership, the protagonist (you), who meets one other songstress named Aria and positive factors the ability to combat, challenges the creator μ and her Ostinato Musician subordinates, and can discover a technique to escape Mobius by any means obligatory. Even when it means kiling the creator that freed them from their very own struggling.
Musicians Route

The Ostinato Musicians are composers who defend μ and supply music. To be able to protect the world of Mobius, the Ostinato Musicians are attempting to get rid of the disruptive Go-Dwelling Membership. The protagonist, who turned the president of the Go-Dwelling Membership, meets Thorn, the chief of the Ostinato Musicians anticipated to be the enemy.
Thorn speaks. “I understand that you suffered, and came to Mobius.”
Thorn asks. “And yet, do you truly want to return to reality?”
Thorn laughs. “You might be solely getting used. You have to be taught each side of the story.
Utilizing the ability of μ, Thorn provides the protagonist the skills of a Musician, in addition to a brand new look as a Musician. From that time, the protagonist (you), will use your appearances because the president of the Go-Dwelling Membership pursuing μ, and as an Ostinato Musician defending μ, to completely perceive each side of the story of Mobius, the world of happiness. And you’ll ultimately be confronted with a ultimate choice. Betraying the belief of your comrades comes with an enormous toll, and what lies forward is…
Character Eventualities

In Mobius, you possibly can turn out to be a highschool college students no matter your age or gender, and attain your best self. In different phrases, your look and gender in Mboius isn’t essentially the identical as in actuality.
Although they aren’t the Go-Dwelling Membership, the Ostinato Musicians aren’t any exception to this truth. Additionally they suffered in actuality for their very own causes, and had been imprisoned by Mobius. Every has their very own deep trauma and complicated.
Every of the Ostinato Musicians are overlaying up their struggling in actuality, and solely the protagonist (you) can get to the core of their secrets and techniques.
Nonetheless, when you sense hazard or develop a sense of dislike within the true nature they’re about to disclose, it isn’t an issue to show again. The uncooked ache that they show could betray the picture that the protagonist (you) wished to like and get nearer to.
■ System
The Caligula Impact Reconstructed in Unreal Engine four
The consolation of the controls, the manufacturing, and the visuals have been fully redone. The distinctive “Imaginary Chain” battle system has additionally been additional advanced to turn out to be simpler to play. Many enhancements over the earlier recreation are included to realize optimum gameplay. Because the identify implies, it has overdosed.

Imaginary Chain: New Sensation Command Battles that Mix the Exhiliaration of an Motion Recreation with the Technique of a Tactical RPG
New sensation command battles that mix the exhilaration of an motion recreation with the technique of a tactical RPG. The battle system visualizes and predicts character actions earlier than they happen. In The Caligula Impact: Overdose, the battle system has been reformed from the earlier recreation, and has advanced to turn out to be even simpler to play.

Causality Hyperlink: Friendships with College students Gone Astray in Mobius Have Additionally Been Enhanced
There are over 500 college students within the recreation, every with their very own distinctive names and profile. In the actual world, all of them skilled trauma and escape to Mobius to dwell an idyllic highschool life. In The Caligula Impact: Overdose, friendships with college students who’ve misplaced their approach in Mobius have additionally been enhanced. And likewise within the recreation, your connections with them will turn out to be the important thing to going residence.

■ Characters
◆ Go-Dwelling Membership
Protagonist (voiced by Chiharu Sawashiro)

Because the president of the Go-Dwelling Membership, his objective is to flee from the false-but-perfect world Mobius.
Even if he was the final to affix the Go-Dwelling Membership, numerous circumstances compelled Shogo at hand over the presidency to him.

NEW: Protagonist (Feminine) (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro)

Because the president of the Go-Dwelling Membership, his objective is to flee from the false-but-perfect world Mobius.
Even if she was the final to affix the Go-Dwelling Membership, numerous circumstances compelled Shogo at hand over the presidency to her.
Shogo Satake (voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi)

A third Yr scholar, he’s the previous president of the Go-Dwelling Membership.
Regardless of solely being 18 years previous inside Mobius, it appears he has skilled the “loop” in Mobius many occasions.
He’s vulnerable to philosophical ideas and has a torpid demeanor. He hides deep hopelessness and a powerful need for the actual world behind his sleepy-looking eyes.

Izuru Minezawa (voiced by Yuichiro Umehara)

A 2nd Yr scholar on the verge of an awakening.
He’s 17 in Mobius and has been trapped there for one yr.
His look in Mobius is that of a little-known deceased movie star from the actual world. Izuru is withdrawn and impassive, demonstrating no concern or curiosity in associating with others.
He is aware of that Mobius is a false world, however refuses the Go-Dwelling Membership’s repeated invites. He prefers to hunt his personal technique of escape.

Kotaro Tomoe (voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya)

Kotaro is a nosy boy whose cheerful angle doesn’t match his giant construct. He typically units the temper on the Go-Dwelling Membership.
Kotaro merely can’t depart folks alone in the event that they need assistance. His favourite phrases are “love” and “friendship.” He has a deep respect for his father and doesn’t hesitate to say that his dream is to turn out to be a rescue employee. While you first meet him, he looks like man—vibrant and energetic—however as time goes on, it turns into obvious that he’s a troublemaker.

Kensuke Hibiki (voiced by Shota Aoi)

Kensuke is a 1st Yr highschool scholar.
He’s 16 in Mobius and has been there for 2 years.
An Ostinato Musician who produces songs for µ, Kensuke is an enemy of the Go-Dwelling Membership. His battle with the Go-Dwelling Membership forces him to query his personal existence and he in the end decides to affix his former enemies of their quest to return residence.

Kotono Kashiawaba (voiced by Rie Murakawa)

A good looking younger lady with a soothing high quality and a prim, mature aura about her.
She’s charming in a approach that manages to be each harmless and seductive. She’s variety to all she meets, making her extraordinarily in style with boys.
Kotono fills an older sister position within the Go-Dwelling Membership.

Naruko Morita (voiced by Ari Ozawa)

Naruko is a 2nd Yr highschool scholar. She is 17 years previous and has been in Mobius for one yr.
An insatiably curious 2nd Yr scholar, she loves rumors and scandals. She acts like a paparazzi typically. She multitasks properly and might publish on social media whereas carrying on a dialog a few completely completely different topic.
She’s been investigating the Go-Dwelling Membership, which has just lately turn out to be a sensationalist trending matter all through the college.

Mifue Shinohara (voiced by Rie Takanashi)

Mifue has short-cropped hair and huge eyes. She eats and laughs lots. Her favourite issues are whipped cream and chocolate cornets.
She has a cheerful, daring persona, and infrequently lightens the temper among the many different ladies.
She’s good mates with Suzuna, who’s in the identical grade as her.

Suzuna Kagura (voiced by Minami Tanaka)

She’s a quiet lady that at all times has a forlorn look on her face…
She has bother sustaining eye contact when she speaks.
She’s timid, however as soon as she units her thoughts to one thing she’ll at all times discover a technique to obtain it. When she’s decided, her voice is typically so loud that folks round her must cowl their ears or threat deafness.

NEW: Ayana Amamoto (voiced by Maria Naganawa)

A second-year highschool scholar who’s quick-witted, strong-willed, and has eye-catching magnificence.
Nonetheless, she has bother talking and even making eye-contact with males. She is usually violent to the lads that oppose her, and the lads within the Go-Dwelling Membership aren’t any exception.
It appears that evidently her habits and reactions will change in a giant approach relying on whether or not the protagonist is male or feminine.

NEW: Eijin Biwasaka (voiced by Kenji Akabane)

An third-year highschool scholar who has a good-looking face and pleasant smile along with his mind and eloquent, gentleman-like speech.
Even with out being instructed, he’s already conscious of Mobius’ secrets and techniques together with that this world isn’t actual and that they’re on the third-year loop.

◆ Ostintao Musicians
Candy-P (voiced by Emi Nitta)Composer: OSTER Undertaking

Wearing fanciful fairytale pastels, Candy-P is each Mobius’ premier trend icon and an Ostinato Musician.
She is distinguished by her lengthy eyelashes and large, stunning eyes.
Identical to her trend, Candy-P’s songs exhibit a fragile, female high quality. Some ladies go completely nuts over her music.

Shonen-Doll (voiced by Yumiri Hanamori)Composer: Polyphonic Department

Shonen-Doll is a younger boy who dwells in Mobius’ monumental library, selecting to competely isolate himself from the skin world.
He at all times wears a low-hanging hood that obscures his face and hides his expressions.
Sneering on the plenty, he writes gloomy, violent songs that assault folks with social lives, who he interprets as weak for having to work in a flock as a way to accomplish something worthwhile.
He engages a whole lot of troublesome ideas in his work and has a powerful group of fanatical devotees who are likely to embrace solitude and individuality and see his music as salvation.

Mirei (voiced by Eriko Nakamura)Composer: CyoucyoP

Mirei lives an idle lifetime of luxurious, fawned over by male followers inside her stronghold in Mobius’ Marine Resort.
She is an boastful and egocentric debutante who behaves as if she is the middle of the world; nevertheless (aside from her persona) she really is outstanding at all the pieces.
She boasts an immense recognition primarily based on her goregous look and distinctive musical genius.
She is so obsessive about being primary that she even sees µ, absolutely the idol inside Mobius, as her rival.

Ike-P (voiced by Souma Saito)Composer: Asa

Ike-P is a 2nd Yr scholar that attends the identical college as the primary characters.
He’s a classmate of Izuru who undoubtedly appears like he’s in a band.
He’s a pure narcissist who has a justified confidence in his appears — he’s at all times hanging a pose simply to point out off.
He’s in style with ladies and at all times needs to enhance himself. For some motive, he’s continually plotting towards Izuru.
His distinct model typically makes him unapproachable.

Shadow Knife (voiced by Yuma Uchida)Composer: 164

A law-abiding hero who adores justice, he executes those that insurgent in Mobius.
He skillfully wields shadows and knives to punish the depraved and the rebellious.
He serves as µ’s private bodyguard resulting from his distinctive and efficient fight talents.
He typically does and says awkwardly theatrical issues, comparable to, “he’s the weakest of us Ostinato Musicians,” which makes it troublesome for others to reply.
There’s a idea that his identify, apparence, and even fight talents are an identical to that of an anime character that was in style just a few years in the past.

Thorn (voiced by Yuka Otsubo)Composer: [email protected]

Thorn is the chief of the Ostinato Musicians.
Thorn is a beautiful younger lady with a sickly look. She seems earlier than the protagonist’s occasion in an uncanny, phantasmal approach — she at all times exhibits up the place she couldn’t probably be.
She is the oldest and first composer of µ’s songs, recognized for her enormously in style darkish and brooding love songs.
µ trusts Thorn fully and obediently follows her orders.

Depraved (voiced by ???)Composer: YM

A Musician fully shrouded in thriller. Typically solely her existence and songs are recognized, however there’s not a single one that is aware of what she appears like.
Her songs are crammed with intense violence and mock all the pieces, delivering a stunning blow to listeners.
NEW: KuchinashiComposer: Pinocchio-P

A younger feminine Musician with a sometimes listless expression.
Somewhat than talking from the mouth utilizing her pure voice, she converses by way of a particular mouth mechanism that creates a synthesized voice.
As a rule, she suppresses any emotions of pleasure.
Extraordinarily individualistic, she typically retains to herself even when gathered amongst fellow Musicians.
NEW: Stork (voiced by ???)Composer: DECO*27

By far essentially the most suspicious Musician, even among the many different distinctive Musicians.
As his identify implies, he wears a stork costume and excels at making love songs that captivate the ladies of Mobius.
He’s a good-natured man with a gentlemanly method of talking, however for some motive tends to not deal with his fellow musicians very properly.
He has the highly effective means to “mimic everything,” and stands in the way in which of the Go-Dwelling Membership.
◆ µ and Aria
Aria (voiced by Asami Shimoda)

She’s a virtuadoll that was created across the identical time as µ.
She was compelled to take a smaller kind in Mobius due to µ’s huge energy.
She needs to cease µ, who has turn out to be steadily extra unhinged since creating Mobius, and return to the actual world. To this finish, she selects the primary characters and grants them the flexibility to combat.
In distinction to the beautiful, immaculate, and perfectionist µ, her persona is vibrant, cheerful, and informal, which makes it simple for her to make mates.

µ (Mu) (voiced by Reina Ueda)

µ is a vocal synthesizer software program that can obediently sing something her consumer inputs.
Little by little, a seed of consciousness and self-awareness germinated inside her. The songs folks instructed her to sing alerted her to the agony of actuality, so she created the eternally-youthful world of Mobius as a way to save a tortured humanity.
Now she flies all through Mobius, bringing bliss to all she meets and making certain that the grins by no means finish.

◆ Different
Marie Mizuguchi (voiced by Mai Fuchigami)

In Mobius, Marie is a 2nd Yr scholar and classmate of the protagonist.
She is an distinctive honors scholar with a delicate demeanor that makes her approachable.
Even whereas collaborating within the Go-Dwelling Membership’s often doubtful actions, she watches over the primary characters with out an excessive amount of prying. That is notably true for the primary character, whom she helps as a detailed good friend.
She is destined to be caught within the battle between the Go-Dwelling Membership and the Ostinato Musicians.The Caligula Impact: Overdose is due out for PlayStation four on Might 17, 2018 in Japan.

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