Summer time Weight Loss Weight loss plan Plan 10 kgs – Full Day Meal Plan/Weight loss plan Plan To Lose Weight Quick

Summer time Weight Loss Weight loss plan Plan 10 kgs – Full Day Meal Plan/Weight loss plan Plan To Lose Weight Quick



shed some pounds quick 10 kgs in 10 days, weight reduction food regimen plan for summer season to shed some pounds quick #nisahomey #skinnyrecipes
summer season food regimen plan for weight reduction:
6-7 am: chia seed drink
breakfast (eight.30)- fruit bowl with seasonal fruits
mid morning drink (10 30 – 11.00) – fruit infused drink
lunch: 1 pm: curd rice
submit lunch: Three-Four pm: buttermilk
Dinner: 7 pm – channa salad bowl.


Chia Seed drink:

curd rice recipe:

inexperienced chutney buttermilk:

channa moringa salad:

chia seeds and basil seeds should not the identical :

Turmeric Tea:

How To Get Flat Stomach In 5 Days:

Moringa leaves juice:
Find out how to lose 10 kgs:

How To Lose Weight Quick – 5 KG:

Quick Weight loss plan Weightloss Smoothie:

Mango Lassi In a single day Oats:

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Copyright (c):, this recipe is developed and first revealed on Jan 6, 2017 by Nisa Homey

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Don’t have this drink if you’re allergic to any of the elements or have any kidney illness or on…

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  1. great mam
    I have reduced 6 kg in 21 days n wana loose more than 15 kg

  2. mam how to make chia seeds drink & plz suggest which chia seeds to buy from amzn

  3. Thank you for your video and diet plan. Can I use your plans while I am pregnant. I have lots of cravings thus I eat not very healthy food and already gained a lot of weight. Is tumeric tea fine for pregnancy. Thank you

  4. Hi
    I have started the diet plan from today. I start my day with overnight soaked one glass Ajwain water and overnight soaked 1 tea spoon of methi seeds (I drink the water as well as I eat the seeds) then I consume the drink you have suggested in the video hope this will not do any harm.

    Also can I remove the methi seeds from the curd rice in lunch.

    I am unable to get the single polished rice in the market can I use basmati rice instead or brown rice

    Hi Could you please respond to my query it will be helpful

  5. can add chia seeds instead of basil seeds??

  6. how many minutes before are we supposed to prepare the mid morning drink before the intake ??

  7. Curd rice ko replace kar k oats lay sakty hain???

  8. Ma'am can PCOS patient have chia seeds?

  9. wow yummy nice looking foods:)..i surelly make on sunday brunch……….. but these r low in protein

  10. what is chia seed

  11. can we replace chia seeds with basil seeds

  12. what is muringa leaves?r these easily available in Bangalore

  13. Today is my first day

  14. Replacement for chia seeds please

  15. what will happen if we drink tea with sugar with this plan

  16. mam chia seeds and alsi is same thing right ?

  17. mam ur recipe is just awesome but how can I set my mind only having these

  18. how do you make a chia seed drink?

  19. What can I replace the curd rice and buttermilk with as m allergic to curd??

  20. I drink nothing but water and cut out all the junk food. I think I'm off to a good start.

  21. I would start this diet from tomorow.. my Weigh is 60kg..i practise yoga asans evryday and evn do zumba.. so i want to loose 5kgs in this month.

  22. hello mam, ur diets are so good, but i am not getting moringa leaves. is there any replacement of it.

  23. how. to. make. chanana

  24. mam can we skip chia seed drink and buttermil ?

  25. I am not interested in weight loss but I want to be healthy.

  26. please come up with one more summer meal plan it's request

  27. Can I replace chia seeds with sabja seed.

  28. plz ramadan deit plan dain plz plz 35 to 42 age waloon k ley.

  29. what is chia ??

  30. madam I had undergone c section and it's been six month now. my weight increased from 55 to 77.can I start this diet plan??

  31. I am doing your 10days 10kg weight loss plan..
    So its that oke to have your curd rice?? or else I should use only brown bread or roti

  32. i subscribed you and i hope you will subscribe me. thanks.

  33. can I use your roti receipe instead of curd rice?

  34. i have one year old baby i give her breast milk can i follow this diet to reduce my weight

  35. Hey mam,
    Can I mix nd match this diet and ur thyroid diet plan..??

  36. How to prevent gaining weight after following this. What should be eaten and what not. Please reply as I am already on a diet

  37. Mam chia seeds and basil are same?

  38. Mam cant i eat biryani etc i mean if i eat a bit ???

  39. can chia seeds are good for pcos

  40. I wish I had come across the “fizy unique plan” years ago when I was dieting for my wedding. I actually would`ve lost 14 pounds years ago. It is best to check it out on google!

  41. With the help of Beyond Weight Management Tea, I shed 40 pounds just in two and half months.

  42. This helped me a lot and may be you can check these pages out too!:

     And if it is about fitness check this!:

  43. A buddy of mine discovered the actual “lyly amazing guide” on Google. She dropped 10 lbs in just a very few days. We started, too; my progress has been amazing. I caint advise this plan enough. Seek Google for “lyly amazing guide. ”

  44. mam kitne contetei me le please tell me

  45. so mam kia fruit infused drink jb lena ha to kia fruits bhi khany ha ya phr srf peena ha usko??


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