Easy Food regimen – Meal plan: The way to Lose 10 Kilos in One Week – EXTREMELY Easy and Efficient #food regimen

Easy Food regimen – Meal plan: The way to Lose 10 Kilos in One Week – EXTREMELY Easy and Efficient #food regimen



For the most effective end result, I suggest you one program EXTREMELY Merely and Efficient is 2 Week Food regimen program by Brian Flatt :

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Blissful weight dropping guys! 🙂

Easy Food regimen – Meal plan: The way to Lose 10 Kilos in One Week – EXTREMELY Easy and Efficient #food regimen

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    And for the best result, I propose you should follow an effective program like 2 Week Diet program of Brian Flatt :

    If you don't know Brian Flatt, he is the author of one popular program before is 3 Week Diet : http://bit.ly/2ryQquH

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    Happy weight losing guys! 🙂

  2. i am try this diet

  3. At 1:42 i dont eat hazelnuts almonds or nuts so what do i eat ?

  4. can we eat egg in this season mean in August cz if we eat egg during simmer it cause of pimple n other prblm..???so can we take egg

  5. 9:15am

    1 cup hot/warm water take a half lemon cut and squeeze juice in cup drop the remaining lemon piece in cup.-This will jump start metabolism and start burning fat


    3 servings of fruit (1 Apple, 1 banana and 1 orange. This is considered a fruit salad.

    10:25am Morning snack

    10 almonds

    12pm Lunch

    3 cups green leafy vegetables( broccoli, lettuce,green beans, green pepper, spinach, kale) you can choose any of these green veggies you can eat them raw or saut ed. It has to be green

    Dressing can be any low fat or 1 tsp olive oil,1tsp lemon @juice,splash salt and pepper for taste

    Green apple or blueberries

    5-51/2 ounce chicken
    1 cup broccoli or any green veggie for the week.

    green apple or blueberries do you think this is good meal plan I wanna try it

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  8. 4 bags of green tea? Good luck sleeping with that much caffeine in your system! I'd go decaf, but even then it's not completely caffeine free.

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  12. Oh I'm gonna try this!!! Thank you for the plan!!!!

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  20. well the total calories will be too low for me to function so instead of fruits im adding oats
    and i loved the fact that you kind of introduced IF into the diet
    and guys drink loads of black coffee without sugar till 6pm caffeine is a fat mobilizer it'll help you loose weight even faster

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  31. I eat less . I have rice only one time during dinner . I do take green tea in the morning in empty stomach .Still I am fat and didn't shed any weight

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  33. I'm gonna try this I'll update everyday for a week to see if this really works
    Day 1
    Weight: 125
    Height: 5'0"


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