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Psychonauts 2 delayed previous 2018

Meet the Aquato household.

Double Tremendous Productions has delayed Psychonauts 2 previous its beforehand introduced 2018 launch window to an unannounced window.
“We know a lot more about not only the size and scope of the game we’re going to make, but how long it’s going to take us to make that, and that’s all really good news,” venture lead Zak McClendon mentioned within the newest Psychonauts 2 growth replace. “The less good news is because of that, we now know that it is not going to be done in 2018.”
McClendon continued, “We are making great progress, and we do know about how long it’s going to take, but we don’t really want to say anything until we can give a firm date for people. We don’t want it to be a thing where it’s like, ‘We think it’s here, but then it might be here or there.’ We want to know exactly where we’re going to land.”
Exterior of the discharge window replace, the event replace additionally showcases the creation of the Aquato household—protagonist Raz’s household. Whereas the Aquatos appeared in reminiscence vaults within the authentic Psychonauts, your complete household is being named and modeled for Psychonauts 2.
Psychonauts 2 is in manufacturing for PlayStation four, Xbox One, and PC.

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