NO FOOD for 28 DAYS (Outcomes)

NO FOOD for 28 DAYS (Outcomes)



Disclaimer: Please don’t strive water fasting at residence with out medical supervision, I’m not answerable for you or your well being.

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  1. Starting weight (Beginning of the video): 247lbs
    Day 1 Of Fast Weight: 220lbs
    Day 28 Of Fast Weight: 169lbs

  2. So did you just drink water?

  3. Did he workout ??
    On water fast !!

  4. If human beings couldn't go very long without food, we would have died out a loooong time ago.

  5. this is why we (Muslims) are told to fast for a month every single year . it is told in the Al-Quran . fasting is good for your health .

    thanks for your motivational video , bro

  6. Wait, what about malnutrition?

  7. Why’s no one asking the most important question… were the bowel movements. How many times did you go each day? How was the consistency? All liquid?

  8. You are a Nice person ☺good job take care

  9. Soooo vitamins? Im fasting 16 hours a day will see what that gets me

  10. boy bunch of liars

  11. The reason why you had so much energy on the fourth day was because you got ketons as your primary fuel for the brain. The make you think clearer as it is a better fuel for the brain. This is one of the reason why the people use the keto diet

  12. Did u stopped Pooping?

  13. Dude you're awesome. Don't beat yourself up for getting slack, just get back on the road man. Try intermittent fasting or one meal a day. Works for me. Was 321, now 283.

  14. how about i do this with guava juice and water?

  15. I try and go about 12 hours a day without food, not too much but fasting longer than like 16 hours scares me lol just personally.

  16. congratulations bro!

  17. Anybody ever just REALLY broke for a couple weeks to a month? Poverty Diet. It's awesome.

  18. had you done any exercise during this period.
    must replay.please

  19. People goes 40 days with water

  20. u can't even live without food for 28 days

  21. did he exercise???

  22. eating nothing at all, stilll easier than eating vegetables

  23. Respect bro, Its incredible you just set your mind to it and did it.

  24. How did he poop?

  25. What about tattoo's

  26. If you dont eat for 3 days (no food no water) you are digesting yourself

  27. Amazing transformation!!!!!!!!!!

  28. He lowkey looks like Elijah

  29. You're looking younger but I'd rather hug a comforting chubby body you had at the beginning.

  30. I'm going to do that. What you just do

  31. Did you know when you are starving you build more brain cells study have proven and what the theory is behind this is . prehistoric humen we wouldn't be able to find food so we'd start starving and our brain cells would build more so would be able to think more and learn more to catch food .

  32. whats the amount of water do u drink a day

  33. This guy is a twat.

  34. U can't do that its impossible in 28 days

  35. idk if i believe this at all

  36. Of he wants to maintain healthy he has to work out

  37. I like your videos but this was dangerous


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