Army Food regimen Lose 10 Lbs in three Days & BET awards Evaluation

Army Food regimen Lose 10 Lbs in three Days & BET awards Evaluation



I strive The Army Food regimen, lets see if I can lose 10 kilos in three days. Lets Discuss concerning the good, the dangerous, and the extremely ugly on the BET awards.

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  1. the pic in the thumbnail tho!…lol..good luck on weight loss journey…

  2. You're in school too?! That's awesome I am late but I start in Spring myself. What are you going to school for?

  3. I love you Alexander Rodgers

  4. I hope your at the house, while on this diet. good luck bro☺

  5. Tousled Tranny cthu!!!!

  6. you should try intermittent fasting mixed with a caloric intake of food that is ideal for your lifestyle. it works. check out the hodgetwins "twinmuscle" YouTube page.

  7. My coworker is doing that diet. She does lose weight on it, I just wanna vomit when she eats tuna straight out the pouch….

  8. "Black bean smoothie " oh my

  9. Lol "a hard 38"

  10. Lol @ "are they leaving????"

  11. You'll be binge eating by day 4. Just change your eating habits, track your macros, exercise, & be patient.

  12. You would probably do better with intermittent fasting. Fast for 16 hrs and eat only during an 8 hr period.

  13. thats the old 3 day diet…….sighhhhhhh

  14. She was Lip singing for her WIG!!!!!!!!

  15. That's what it was! That's EXACTLY what it was! She was a guest judge on Drag Race this season, watched the Lip Sync For Your Life and, as usual, said to herself "Ooh, here's something ELSE I can steal from the gays" and then proceeded to do a Target Basement version.

  16. Drink lemon water first thing in the a.m., eat at least 2 big meals or 4 small meals drink water or tea as beverage, stop eating no later than 7o' clock, eat fruit or veggies, for a snack.(popcorn or pretzels to nibble on if you get hungry) this will eventually curb sugar, coffee, sweets cravings.

  17. Just cut carbs red meat, dairy and you will lose weight honey.

  18. Yeah, Tamar's make up is always fucked up. Even on their show, the OBVIOUS contouring…

  19. I've tried the diet before it works, but you are basically losing water weight which can come back quickly after you stop dieting. As long as you eat no more than 1500 calories a day, you can eat what you want and lose at least one to two pounds of real fat a week.

  20. But what does it cost to maintain 150 mil house???…

  21. Them whispers had me dying

  22. "stomach just nawing on Ur backbone"

  23. Alex I r mos certainly a TOTAL MESS Lol

  24. Hey Alex, l use to go on this diet yrs ago & it works. How's it going for u?

  25. Your not suppose to exercise with this diet because your going to be eating so little and you won't have a lot of energy with this diet. So you need to be careful not to burn to much calories or you will be weak and nauseated and drink lots and lots of water. And yes this diet will make angry miserable hungry wanted to give up….. But don't! don't you give up!!!! Do this three times a week for a month and you will see results.


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