Tousled issues that occurred on the Tower of London


It wasn’t simply people who have been interred on the Tower. There was additionally an early model of the fashionable zoo, solely with out very massive cages or total curiosity in animal welfare. So actually, it was extra like Seaworld than a contemporary zoo.
It is believed that King John, who by the way was Edward I’s grandfather, who by the way was Edward IVs great-great-great-etc.-grandfather, was the primary to maintain lions on the Tower of London, for in all probability no different purpose than as a result of he was the king and a king can have a pet lion if he needs to. Based on Regency Historical past, it wasn’t till John’s son Henry III mounted the throne that it was determined that a couple of lions weren’t spectacular sufficient, and there wanted to be different cool stuff there, too, like polar bears and elephants.
Sadly this was earlier than Animal Planet, so nobody charged with the care of the animals had any concept what to feed them or tips on how to correctly take care of them. They lived in horribly small cages and sometimes died untimely deaths, which actually did nothing however make the kings go, “Dang, we lost another lion, better have someone go catch another one.”
The menagerie persevered into the 19th century, and by that point it included tigers, leopards, a hyena, and a raccoon as a result of whoever was in cost evidently didn’t know that raccoons are usually not the great type of unique. They’re simply terrifyingly giant rats with fangs.

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