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I am again on my channel and this video is describing how I misplaced 10 kilos in three days IN A HEALTHY WAY by dwelling a vegan life-style! I speak about my different video which you’ll see when you go to my channel, I didn’t need to hyperlink it under. Get pleasure from 🙂

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  1. don't feel you have to defend yourself… people will always feel they have a right to express their opinion no matter what the situation… if people didn't see you make the video, they would see someone else making one on the same topic!!! … be prepared for the backlash on your new vegan diet ;)…. I'm not vegan but I respect people's choices!!! I just watched your original video and then saw this and how coincidental that today is the day you come back?? ps you and your bf sound like me and mine.. hence why I'm searching these types of Vids:) welcome back and good luck! pss cassie is awesome (blogilates)

  2. I had a baby and now I can't shift the weight no matter what I do exercise and eating next to nothing I remain the same weight I think your very pretty and don't need to lose to much darling x

  3. I'm so happy you woke the fuck up! And decided to go vegan . That 5 bite shit won't work on this lifestyle . You better learn to eat enough! Don't become a vegan junk foodie. Eat according to your activity and goals. Dont eat massive amounts of fat with fruit. And raw veganism is sustainable! Again uneducated! Me and many raw food isn't have been raw for years and we are athletes so it's definitely possible . Do your research and educate yourself on it . Read the China study and watch informal videos that's educational on raw Foodism and veganism. Every human being is lactose intolerant because human beings are not meant to consume another species liquids. Your telling people your vegan but you will have an egg or ice. Cream makes no sense. That's called a vegetarian. Vegetarians eat dairy and eggs. Veganism is no animal products what so ever and it also goes into your lifestyle cruelty free products . Don't promote veganism and say it's ok to eat eggs .

  4. Yes! I'm also vegan !! you go girl 🙂

  5. I just stumbled upon your channel and saw your 5 bite diet video first and was horrified that such a thing even existed – i'm so happy to see this current video now and that you promote a truly healthy lifestyle and diet! You look beautiful and sound very informed – thank you for sharing 🙂 x

  6. You're so pretty ✨ I'm also glad that you seem so much more happier than you did in the last video, I did think the 5 bite thing was very extreme ✨

  7. Can I lose 10 pounds if I don't eat anything for 2 days?

  8. You are so beautiful and you look fit to me honestly. but thanks for sharing your story. 🙂 I think I am going to start being a vegan too or at least a vegetarian.

  9. delicious vegan ice cream exists.

  10. Wow you sound so dumb!


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