LEAN | Teen Weight Loss Drink

LEAN | Teen Weight Loss Drink



Do you know you should use lean as a teen weight reduction drink? The bottom line is the way you make it, and while you drink it. On this video I’m going to indicate you how you can make lean to shed weight.

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Remark Beneath: Are you going to do that weight reduction drink? In case you tried it, do you just like the style? How did you’re feeling afterwards?

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  1. where can you buy lean or dirty sprite

  2. LMAO Nigga lean makes yo put on hella weight

  3. she's high on that purple drank

  4. I'm trying to lose weight for a summer body!! I'm going on vaca and I need my lower stomach to be skinner!! HELP PLZ

  5. Why u seem tired?

  6. she looked sleepy

  7. She looks soooooo high

  8. Can lavender and honey tea work as well

  9. She looks SO DRUNK OMG

  10. Do Blackberries work just as well?

  11. I am 4'11, 11 years old, and 107 pounds . I'm trying to weigh 85 to 90 pounds

  12. Is she tired or high on Lean? Jk love u. <3

  13. Wtf is lean?????

  14. How if I'm allergic to blueberries and most of your drinks need blueberries

  15. Thank you so much for making this video. I thought you where high at the beginning of the video.

  16. what she put after the cranberries and lemon ?

  17. you look sooooo drunk or high; you said subscribe twice.. and what type of bluberries are not organic!?!?

  18. i got the lemon in my eye

  19. I noticed that Keli isn't as enthusiastic as normal..

  20. Umm Keli, are there any alternatives for the tea? Hope you answer

  21. haters just Fuck you

  22. Will wild blueberries work?

    Thats a dumb question. Nevermind.

  23. Why u look high in this video

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