Phantasm Demon Make-up Tutorial Halloween FAIL (Magnificence Break)

Phantasm Demon Make-up Tutorial Halloween FAIL (Magnificence Break)



Because of Lyft for sponsoring at this time’s episode! It Issues How You Get There. Obtain and Experience In the present day.

Particular results make-up with out the latex?! SIGN US UP. Optical Phantasm make-up is TERRIFYING, particularly when tried by Lily & Joslyn… However Nikkie Tutorial’s Pulled-Up Pores and skin Demon make-up tutorial was so TRIPPY and MIND-BLOWING that we simply needed to attempt it. Blissful Halloween!!!

Scary demon or sloppy Darth Maul?? We’ll allow you to resolve within the feedback under!

Shout-out to our idol NIKKIETUTORIALS (and her inspiration, ArtByBMazz!)
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ArtByBMazz ►


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  1. You are both so awesome! Joslyn & Lily, you always make me laugh.

  2. lily your looks really really good

  3. This was really good! also you guys should do half skull makeup 🙂

  4. Yayy great job girls!!

  5. Lily's looks amazing

  6. Lilz your's looked so good!

  7. Have lilly singh on tthe show

  8. You guys should try one of Ryan Potters makeup videos!! He does so good at makeup!! I’m waiting on him to get more recognition tbh because he’s just amazing at makeup!! You should check out his insta and YouTube. He post pasted and more through videos of makeup out!!

  9. Lil & Jos forever! <3 nothing like this pair!

  10. lol Lyft tried to charge us 97$ for a ride that usually costs around 15$

  11. Oh my gosh Lily you did so good!! And Joslyn.. you… did.. a thing.. Lol jk, you both did so good! I agree this was one of your best. Love you <3

  12. Lily nailed it and joselyn tried

  13. its so good D:

  14. What happend to beauty trippen

  15. Amazing guys !!

  16. I think Lily did AMAZING!!

  17. Do something Taylor Swift-related :))))

  18. God please just watch a tutorial on how to block your brows

  19. Lily you did such a good job. And Joselyn great job for trying not the worse though lol. Love u guys

  20. I do makeup and I don't think I could do better than Lily! She did a great job

  21. My science teacher was Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked (local production)

  22. hey Lily is that you in superwoman's "What Last Minute Christmas Shopping Is Really Like (ft. Hilary Duff)" as a shopkeeper?


  24. NikkiTutorials learned that from ArtByMazz on instagram… just fyi

  25. LILLY IT LOOKS SO GOOOD Jos A for effort lol

  26. I was watching this video while eating a kit kat trying to eat it layer by layer and couldn’t do it.


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