Easy methods to Make Bread Even If You're a Newbie within the Kitchen


For many of my life, I assumed that baking bread was solely for professionals—or a minimum of, residence cooks with distinctive expertise. From what I knew, the method was lengthy and complex and simple to mess up, particularly for those who had as little bread baking information as I did.

What I discovered over the previous week, once I determined to attempt my hand at baking bread for the primary time, is that it is method less complicated than I might been led to consider. The reality is, you solely want a couple of elements, a handful of instruments that you just most likely have already got, and a bit know-how to make your complete kitchen scent like a boulangerie very quickly.

When you undoubtedly do not have to be a professional to bake bread, I additionally would not recommend leaping into it with out doing any analysis in any respect. So that can assist you uncover your personal bread-baking abilities, I created this information—with recommendation from skilled bakers—that offers you all of the information you want earlier than you start. Here is every part they informed me to bear in mind, plus what I realized firsthand from my very first bread baking expertise.

The one elements you completely must make bread are water, flour, salt, and yeast.

Odds are you have already got a minimum of three of those elements in your pantry. Like me, although, you might need to go to the shop to select up some yeast, which is a necessary ingredient to creating bread as a result of it is what makes it rise. “Yeast makes the bread rise by consuming carbohydrates in the flour and converting that into gas, which becomes bubbles trapped in the protein structure of the dough,” Zachary Golper, proprietor of Brooklyn bakery Bien Cuit and James Beard Award nominee, tells SELF.

Golper says which you can additionally use a sourdough starter, which is a stage up from probably the most fundamental bread making strategies since you typically should make it your self. However you can too purchase sourdough starter kits on-line (like this one right here) and in some circumstances yow will discover them at well being meals shops. However if you cannot discover one, do not need to spend the cash, or do not need to make the dedication to holding it alive (it takes about 5 days or extra to make it proper), yeast is a wonderfully good different.

You may need to use a recipe to information you thru the appropriate measurements.

It is simple to make issues like smoothies and salad dressing with no recipe as a result of they’re extra forgiving, however bread is a unique story—use a cup of flour an excessive amount of and the entire thing may very well be off. The quantity of flour, yeast, water, and salt you employ varies relying on the kind of bread you are making. For instance, it will be a really completely different whether or not you are making a ciabatta or a bagel. As you are beginning out, observe the measurements from recipes to ensure the very best outcomes. I used this straightforward bread recipe from Leite’s Culinaria as a useful resource for flour, water, yeast, and salt measurements, and thought it got here collectively seamlessly once I utilized the ideas from my skilled sources.

However you may get experimental with the opposite elements you employ.

As soon as you’ve got made the essential dough, you possibly can add anything that you really want for taste. “Trying out new things often results in great bread,” says Golper. “You can always add some nuts, dried fruits, olives, flavorful oils, butters, honey, molasses, other sweeteners, seeds, soaked grains, or some combination of these items,” he explains.

So far as tools goes, you need not have a stand mixer or a Dutch oven.

Whereas researching bread recipes for this piece I observed that a variety of them referred to as for stand mixers and Dutch ovens—stand mixers make the method of kneading simpler and Dutch ovens present an excellent temperature that may assist your bread get that crusty, crackly texture. And since I’ve neither of these in my kitchen proper now (they’re gathering mud in a storage unit), I requested the consultants if I might get the job executed with out them.

Golper informed me I completely do not want a stand mixer. “Almost every great bread can be mixed by hand,” he says. “You do not need an electric mixer to make amazing loaves.” The truth is, that is as a result of a variety of bread recipes require little to no kneading (extra on that in a bit).

And you do not want a Dutch oven both, Jordann Windschauer, CEO and founding father of Base Tradition, tells SELF. She says that you should utilize a loaf pan or a baking sheet. Even a casserole dish might work. I ended up utilizing a baking sheet and I had no issues.

There’s some tools you do want.

On the very least, Golper says you may want a big mixing bowl and a wood spoon to combine the flour with. A metallic dough scraper can be useful for eradicating sticky leftover dough from counter tops, and a plastic bowl scraper could make it simpler to deal with the dough and take away it from the blending bowl, however you can also make bread with out these instruments.

You may at all times want to present the dough time to rise, however you possibly can minimize it quick if it is advisable.

“Resting, or proofing, is needed for natural leavening to occur when using yeast,” says Windschauer. Not like different leavening brokers, like baking soda and baking powder, yeast does not react immediately as a result of it is a dwelling organism relatively than a chemical compound. Once you add water to flour, salt, and yeast, a fermentation course of begins, Golper explains. “Water hydrates the flour and activates the proteins, and allows the yeast to begin feeding on the carbohydrates and creating gas bubbles.”

Golper says you solely should let the dough rise for a number of hours at room temperature and it’ll double in quantity and be able to bake. Nevertheless, he says it’s going to style higher for those who let it sit within the fridge for an additional 12 to 18 hours. That is as a result of bread will get a variety of its taste from fermentation, so the longer you let it ferment, the extra taste it’s going to have.

I cut up my batch of dough in half, so I might use one immediately and save the opposite one for the following day to see if it actually impacted the flavour. The decision: It completely did! That is to not say the primary loaf was unhealthy, relatively that the bready taste was stronger and extra obvious within the second batch. So if in case you have the time to attend, you must wait, however for those who do not, you may nonetheless have edible bread ultimately.

Skip kneading and embrace the stretch-and-fold technique.

Kneading dough helps develop the gluten proteins in bread, which is what provides it its famously chewy texture. Nevertheless, it isn’t at all times needed, says Golper. For fundamental bread recipes, he explains that merely hydrating your elements can be sufficient to activate gluten growth.

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You do not have to knead, however there may be one other (simpler) method Golper says you must at all times use. Referred to as the stretch and fold, it’s what it appears like: You repeatedly stretch the dough and fold it in on itself all through the rising course of, which helps it expel carbon dioxide, strengthens the gluten proteins, and in the end provides it a greater rise. To do it, pull your dough from one facet after which fold it in as demonstrated within the photographs. Go all the way in which round so the whole ball of dough will get evenly stretched.

Throughout the preliminary rise, make sure to stretch and fold your dough about thrice, or as soon as each hour. Then use the tactic one final time to mould it into your required form simply earlier than you set it within the oven.

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The dough will get sticky as you’re employed with it, so maintain flour helpful.

When you do not maintain your fingers and countertop nicely floured, dough will follow each of them. Preserve flour helpful so you possibly can attain for it simply. And everytime you discover that your dough is beginning to get too sticky once more, add a sprinkle or two.

Preheat your oven and the pan you are utilizing.

Golper at all times recommends preheating no matter pan you are utilizing earlier than you add the dough and stick it within the oven. If it isn’t preheated, the chilly temperature of the pan will convey the temperature of the whole oven down, which might negatively affect the way in which your bread bakes.

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As for what temperature the oven ought to be, Golper says 425 levels F will work for many bread recipes. One-pound loaves will solely want about 25 to 30 minutes earlier than they’re completed, and two-pound loaves will want between 35 and 40 minutes. He says you may know it is executed, “when the loaf sounds hollow when thumped by your finger or knuckle.”

Earlier than popping the loaf into the oven, mud the dough with flour after which slash it throughout the highest for an ornamental flare.

Let cool, and luxuriate in nonetheless you want!

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Take the bread out of the oven when it is crisp and brown and to your liking, and let it relaxation till it is cool sufficient to deal with. Eat it whereas it is nonetheless a bit heat, as a result of there’s actually nothing higher than scorching, freshly baked bread.


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