The best way to Lose Stomach Fats in 1 Week | three Flat Stomach Drinks To Lose Weight Quick – 5Kg | Stomach Fats Drink

The best way to Lose Stomach Fats in 1 Week | three Flat Stomach Drinks To Lose Weight Quick – 5Kg | Stomach Fats Drink



The best way to Lose Stomach Fats in 1 Week | three Flat Stomach Drink In A Day To Lose
5 Kgs Quick | Weight Loss Drink | Stomach Fats Drink | 10 kg Weight Loss in 15 Days | Fats Cutter Drink To Lose Weight Quick | Flat Stomach Drink For Excessive Weight Loss | Weight Loss Drink For A Flat Abdomen
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Tea Masala for Weight Loss :
Milk Tea for Weight Loss :

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Cayenne Pepper Advantages :
Cayenne Pepper Tea :

The best way to Lose Stomach Fats in 1 Week :
Flat Stomach Drinks To Lose in 7 days
100% Efficient Stomach Fats Loss Drink :
Lose Weight with Milk :

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  1. vicky kia 3no drinks akathe lene h ya phr in mai se koi aik use kr skte h

  2. Hi Vicky pls send a weight loss diet for pregnancy women

  3. how to make tea masala

  4. you have shown more videos which to use

  5. I'm a thyroid patient and I have to take tablet before breakfast and you suggested 1 drink before breakfast. Would it will effect to my thyroid gland? And should I have to drink it hot or I should let it cool down? @versatile vicky

  6. amazing recipes i like very much

  7. Indians are the best people to ask for advise and tips on weight lost !

  8. I have been following your diet plans for a really long time and I love them & ive recommended them to all my friends & cousins who love them too. Can you please do a post partum diet plan for nursing mothers to lose weight in a healthy way ??

  9. Vicky you should start taking patients who want to lose should charge and keep under your scanner..start with just 2-3 n see..

  10. why I am asking you to start taking in patients is because I lost 11 kgs while following your oats diet and that too I cheated on it.i did it on n off for 4 months..1 week every month..and second reason I can't speak here if ever I get your mail id will tell you..i got what I lost back but that's coz I slagged..

  11. hi vicky I followed ur indian diet plan n it really worked n I followed egg plan as well.I reduced from 79 to 69 n nw will try these drinks also.Thnx

  12. can i use heinz apple cider vinegar?

  13. vicky can you show a video one day with you in it…..i want to see whats behind the shades

  14. ur voice is so sexy

  15. Hi do we have to prepare them in advance or you have to make and consume? please clarify. thanks.

  16. hi can I have the lemon honey after dinner as well please reply

  17. vicky tea masal konsa n

  18. Amazing tips. Loved them all! Thank you very much

  19. can you only drink two drinks

  20. I like ur diet plan…I really ur plan processed…n I tell u with happily…I loss my 8 kg weight within one month….thanku mam

  21. Can Thyroid Patients Drink Apple Cider Vinegar…!Please Reply Dear….!Im In Urgent Need Of Weightloss…!

  22. lemon and Honey
    apple cider vinger
    what's the 3 drink?

  23. can i take this drinks while feeding baby.. i have eight month old baby.. looking for weightloss.. can i consume acv

  24. after taking 3rd drink can we hv almond milk aftr another 30 mins plz rply

  25. we have to take all of them or any one?

  26. for lemon honey drink what water to be used normal or warm plz rply mam

  27. Bulletproof coffee please…

  28. what is the last drink made of

  29. can I drink this lemon honey drink in the mrng instead of apple slider vinegar

  30. can I have white tea with it?

  31. Mam as I previous also asked you about that I m diabetic so I how can use honey.? Pls reply mam

  32. what is the name of that powder

  33. Miss ye video Urdu Yani Hindi m mil sakti h plz

  34. apk diet plan pcod or pcos walo K lye hain Kia plz reply

  35. hi vicky Ihave one doubt my husband has only belly fat but his overall weight is fine we done want to loose weight but his belly fat is too much so i have started these drinks.Can you please tell me these drinks are helpfull to burn belly fat or it will be affecting on whole body weight.

  36. mam apple vinegar wali drink kb leni h???

  37. I am a pcos patient….n i m on medication …so can i have these drinks wen my periods are on …i mean in those 7 days can i continue these drink or i have to stop for these 7 days n restart after my preiods stoped…plzz do rply……waiting for ur rply…..

  38. i tried this and I lose my 9kg weight thanks.

  39. plz help me ezi dait

  40. You a GEM! I am very grateful to you Vicky. Approximately a month ago I did your eating plan, reduced my weight by 5 kilos in 3 days and I am now still 4 kilos lighter. Your eating plan has really helped me to be more aware of how, what and when to eat certain foods and drinks. Many thanks to you. I am a kinesiologist and help people reduce their weight from an emotional aspect. Your diet plan completes my work and many clients have benefited reducing their weight on average of 3-5 kilos.

  41. Can I use these drink with ur egg meal plan

  42. Can I skip the last one?? Pls ans


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