How one can eat like a sumo wrestler


When you actually need to eat like a sumo wrestler, there’s one dish it’s a must to attempt. One Slate reporter Franz Lidz known as “exuberantly revolting,” it is served at a mid-day meal, and it is known as chanko-nabe. Lidz acquired to take a seat down with a gaggle of sumo wrestlers for a hearty meal, and whereas there is a ton of various methods you may make the hearty, wholesome stew, his included shiitake mushrooms, potatoes, leeks, tofu, carrots, and rooster broth. Would not sound so dangerous, does it?

Typically it is served alone and generally it is served with rice or aspect dishes like omelets and dumplings, and whereas it is a fairly wholesome meal it additionally permits them to pack on the energy with bowl after bowl… after bowl. It has been a staple of the sumo wrestler’s food regimen since a minimum of the 19th century, and it is such an vital part of their way of life it is known as a “legal steroid.”

Whereas all wrestlers down a number of bowls, there is a clear record-holder for probably the most eaten in a single sitting. That honor goes to a person named Takamisugi, who downed a surprising 65 bowls. That features a whopping 29 kilos of beef, and apparently he solely stopped as a result of he was bored with chewing. That is some severe dedication.

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