How one can Lower 10 Kilos in 2 Weeks | a Wrestler’s Lower

How one can Lower 10 Kilos in 2 Weeks | a Wrestler’s Lower



I monitor the progress of my reduce main as much as a event 2 weeks later.


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  1. That time lapse of sprints actually looked so nice

  2. Good job Sam, one of your best videos ever! Really enjoyed it

  3. Nice video! Did you win? I know nothing about wresting so Idk what happened at the end

  4. Nice Vlogs man! What state do you wrestle in?

  5. Do you guys do log rolls and penn state drills

  6. were in the same state.. what school????

  7. If you know the kid is going for a cow catch like he did 10 times, keep your elbows in not out and that's how you stop that move

  8. someone on my team cut 15 lbs in two days to down a weight class

  9. Omg i know that ref

  10. he is a teacher for the middle school I wrestle in

  11. any tips u can give me? bc I might wrestle next year in high school, since rn I am in 8 grade?

  12. Yeah I actually just started going to the jym, since wrestling season is over is am trying to lose weight to wrestle on a lighter weight class my first year of high school. thanks for the help

  13. you need to stay in a lower stance and also when they have a front headlock on you look for your arm drags and short elbow rolls. and also always look to score at all times

  14. You got good bottom game

  15. good way of losing weight I've lost 10 pounds in one week now guaranteed i felt like shit and if i followed a stricter diet like yours i probably wouldn't feel that bad lol great vid!

  16. How do you record and edit your videos ?

  17. Great job man wrestling starts in 2 days for me i cant wait

  18. 1:43 was not expecting that


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