How I Misplaced 10 Kilos in One Month! | WeightLoss Q&A

How I Misplaced 10 Kilos in One Month! | WeightLoss Q&A



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  1. I love your show I'm a new subscriber and I love how real u r ive watch a few of your videos and loved all of them

  2. What did you do to train your glutes and slim your waistline? Btw I love your channel because you remind me of an older me and you're so fricking beautiful cx .

  3. y do you look like annie drea, look her up x

  4. how much do you weigh now and what is your height x

  5. I would love to have a boyfriend like yours that makes me happy to here that.

  6. How do you stay motivated to get up and exercise also what smoothie maker do you use coz I was thinking of buying the nutribullet

  7. Wow I feel the same way about my man. He is a gym fanatic and is very fit, he goes like everyday but if he stopped or got heavy I would NOT mind. To me it just makes me think he will be like a teddy bear and I love that.

  8. I'm rarely interested in videos like these but you're pretty awesome to watch!! 😀 Subbed xx

  9. What is your goal weight/ideal body type for yourself personally? Which part of your body do you want to loose the most?

  10. darling can you please make a "What i eat in a day"

  11. that girl said "cause im lazy as fu**" lol

  12. Soooo what foundation are you wearing? You look flawless.

  13. Btw congratulations on the 10lb weight loss….it looks good on you.

  14. You won't look too bulky! Women don't produce enough testosterone!! Lifting weights is a benefit for weight loss as well. Less weight, more reps!

  15. Holy fuck you're stunning

  16. adrienne you should do a haul.

  17. what workout did you do adrienne?

  18. What lipstick are you wearing please?

  19. You've grown into such a beautiful young woman Adrienne!

  20. So beautiful!

  21. My boyfriend wants for me to keep my curves lol but I want to loose weight

  22. How often did you weigh yourself ?!


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