Halloween is across the nook and we’re exhibiting you our TOP 5 Halloween Decorations. Giveaway LG Probeam UST
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Halloween Ornament:
Gentle switches: *
Hidden Digital camera: *
3D Wallpaper:

Music by :
music (purchased) – Epidemic Sounds
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  1. That lg projector looks really good.

  2. Giveaways are always great

  3. I enjoy watching your videos because you give good video reviews keep up the good work. #LgProBeam#

  4. Whaaa Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

  5. What a little bitch

  6. Great video, always fun to see ways to have some Halloween fun.

  7. Really Good vid guys, If I had this projector i would just make a huge fire effect like my house is on fire :D!

  8. nice video 🙂

  9. The projector piece looks like something out of Shaun of the Dead.

  10. I saw someone use the projector idea last year and it was a really good effect.

  11. Where I'm from, Halloween isn't really a thing. No trick or treating and stuff like that which is sad.

  12. vernee mix 2 review please!

  13. No beer today 😛 ?

  14. Creative ideas

  15. Those white pumpkins look way more badass then the OG's. Nice job (:

  16. the 3d wallpaper is really cool

  17. I have always loved Halloween and the decorations! These are nifty.


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