DIY MAKEUP-ONLY Halloween Costumes!

DIY MAKEUP-ONLY Halloween Costumes!



Thumbs up in the event you like these halloween make-up tutorials!!! Thanks for watching!!!!! I had lots of technical difficulties with this one hahaha ;p


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  1. West against Russia in progress. Russia China will soon invade US Canada Europeans. Russia might soon annihilate nations.Bye.

  2. I loooove this! You made it simple yet so unique 🙂

  3. Going for the teddy bear tonight! Can't decide if i should buy ears or do the space buns (I don't have that much hair haha)

  4. the teddy super cute and very original. loved it! thanks for sharing <3

  5. The skeleton was my favorite!

  6. How did you mix the white clown paint with foundation??

  7. omg i love the teddy!

  8. Can you please do a tutorial on the buns they are freaking gorgeous

  9. Could you do another cleaning hack I hate cleaning dude

  10. Awesome makeup looks! That last one stole the show for me, perfect inspiration

  11. I love that teddy bear look, it's so cute! Great idea!

  12. She looks better without the contact for the teddy

  13. The bandaid trick was so clever!

  14. Also did the jester look ppl loved it!

  15. So rihanna got inspired by your skull golden teeth?

  16. Can u make outfits to these. Plzzzzz help I’ve got a Halloween party on Friday and Idk what to wear


  18. these are insane!!

  19. The first one is the best 🙂


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