Divinity Unique Sin 2 Builds: Crystalline Cleric


Divinity: Unique Sin 2 has been out for a number of months now, and one of many main points gamers are having with the sport is Builds. What Construct do I take advantage of? What’s an excellent Construct for a Warrior? Ranger? Mage? and many others. Because the recreation is might be slightly tough early on, this has come way more into focus than one would count on. On this Construct Information have been going to cowl the Crystalline Cleric. Let’s soar into this Construct and see simply the way it works.Crystalline Cleric – Warrior/Mage BuildThe Crystalline Cleric is a hybrid Warrior/Mage Construct that leans much more to the Mage facet of issues within the offensive division, solely with the defensive capabilities of a Warrior. The Crystalline Cleric does a mixture of Water and Bodily Harm to its enemies and is particularly lethal in opposition to Undead (as a Cleric could be). They use tons of Armour buffs to stop injury, and hound their targets with relentless fury.Crystalline Clerics may be the “tankiest” Construct within the recreation as they’ve entry to each heal within the recreation and practically each Armour buff. They crank their Hydrosophist Capability to the max and make glorious use of their heals to assist their celebration and to break opponents. As a result of Undead take Bodily Harm from therapeutic, Clerics are particularly lethal vs. this enemy kind. Therapeutic prices virtually no AP when you’re standing in water or on ice, which you virtually continually are. Crystalline Clerics additionally use Hydrosophist Abilities to Chill, Freeze and kill, relying on what kind of Armour they’re going through. In brief, this Construct is extraordinarily versatile and sturdy.My degree 16 Cleric. You possibly can drop some Hydrosophist if you’d like extra Warfare, however I benefit from the excessive Water Harm and Therapeutic “Damage”.Crystalline Cleric Attributes and EquipmentCrystalline Clerics give attention to Intelligence to extend the injury of their Necromancer and Hydrosophist Abilities. Crystalline Clerics ought to begin placing factors into Wits as soon as Intelligence is sort of maxed to assist improve their Essential Probability. Essential Probability is extraordinarily helpful to this Construct as a result of Critically “Hitting” is without doubt one of the few methods you’ll be able to improve your injury with therapeutic. Crystalline Clerics may also need sufficient factors into Energy with a view to use Energy-based Armour, and sufficient factors into Structure with a view to use an excellent Protect.Crystalline Clerics will use a mixture or Armour sorts, giving them an excellent stability of each Bodily and Magic Armour, barely favoring Bodily if potential. It is because they may have extra Magic Armour buffs, and more practical ones, so they may have the ability to exchange it extra quickly. Crystalline Clerics ought to search for Armour with Hydrosophist, Warfare, Intelligence, Wits and Essential Probability in that order for greatest outcomes. Factors into Scoundrel may also assist, however they’re only a bonus if you may get them.On the Weapons entrance, Crystalline Clerics can use both a Water Wand or any One-Handed Weapon. The upside to utilizing the Wand is that you should have an additional ranged assault, which you’ll almost certainly want within the first half of the sport whereas your talent choice is extra restricted. It additionally gives an Intelligence bonus, which is a plus. One-Handed Weapons will can help you make Assaults of Alternative for those who take the Opportunist Expertise, which don’t notably hit that tough as a Cleric due to the dearth of Energy. Nevertheless, you’ll need to be near your opponents anyway to have the ability to use Decaying Contact, and most of the short-range heals you’ve gotten, so it is going to present you some further injury. Gamers can select both if they need, however I might suggest the Wand early on.My Weapon and Protect. It’s actually a good suggestion to have a Protect with Mirror melee injury, since you need to soften up enemies to have the ability to Freeze them with International Cooling or some other Water Spell.Crystalline Cleric Abilities and AbilitiesOne of the toughest elements about making a Construct in Divinity: Unique Sin 2 is getting your Skills distribution appropriate. It’s straightforward to get unfold too skinny, and infrequently individuals make the error of not spreading factors round sufficient. The bonuses you achieve from Skills on this recreation are considerably completely different than the unique, so it’s straightforward to see why individuals can get confused. Let’s check out what Skills and Abilities you want for a Cleric.Crystalline Clerics have one of many easiest capacity distributions in the entire recreation, nevertheless, it may be diverse a bit right here and there to private style. In Act I, gamers will get Hydrosophist to 2, Necromancer to 2 after which Warfare to 2. Then gamers ought to place factors into Hydrosophist and Warfare as they see match. I prefer to drop in them in a three:2 ratio till Hydrosophist is maxed after which proceed inserting factors into Warfare. Gamers can even put 1 extra level into Necromancer in the event that they want to use Blood Storm and Grasp of the Starved, that are each extraordinarily good, however not required. 1 level into Huntsman for First Support can be good, and a couple of factors if you’d like Tactical Retreat, which could be very helpful to any Construct.Contemplate dropping a pair factors into Huntsman to get each of those Abilities, that are actually helpful to this Construct.So far as Abilities go I’d suggest the next:Elemental Affinity – This Expertise works extraordinarily properly with this Construct as a result of you’ll be able to solid Rain for 1 AP instantly, or use Raining Blood for two AP, or use Flesh Sacrifice for zero AP. Enjoyable truth, standing on Frozen blood really confers this bonus to each Necromancer and Hydrosophist Abilities! Successful!Savage Sortelige – This Expertise is a should for any Mage Construct and can permit your Abilities to Critically Hit. Therapeutic Abilities can not Critically Strike your opponents with out this, so it’s an absolute should in Act 2 once you begin getting some first rate Essential Probability.Hothead – This Expertise is admittedly good with this Construct as a result of it is going to improve the Essential Probability of Necromancer and Hydrosophist Abilities, together with therapeutic. You must by no means be under max well being, and it’s straightforward sufficient so that you can restore it ought to any be lacking.The Pawn – The Pawn will can help you get the place you have to go, and you have to be in melee vary as usually as you’ll be able to in a while within the recreation. This requires a degree in Scoundrel although, so hold that in thoughts.Dwelling Armour – Since you’ve gotten extraordinarily highly effective heals with this Construct, this will work rather well to assist restore Magic Armour. It isn’t required, however it’s positively a stable selection.Crystalline Cleric SkillsNow that you just’ve determined which Abilities and Skills you need, you’ll must determine simply which Abilities work greatest with this sort of setup. Crystalline Clerics will use a mixture of Hyrdosophist Abilities, Necromancer Abilities and some Warfare Abilities to deal injury and buff/heal their teammates. Since Builds evolve over the course of the sport, I’m going to place the Abilities so as from earliest obtainable to newest, since you gained’t have the ability to get all of them proper means.Hydrosophist SkillsArmour of Frost – The easiest way to buff your Magic Armour and in addition removes a wide range of Standing Results. This shall be extraordinarily highly effective on this Construct due to excessive Hydrosophist Capability.Rain – Use this talent to create moist surfaces to freeze with International Cooling and to get Elemental Affinity. Alternate between Raining Blood to maintain Elemental Affinity always.Restoration – A very good early recreation heal that may take away a few Standing Results. Can be used on Undead to mess them up fairly good (offers injury to their Bodily Armour). Solely prices 1 AP!Cleanse Wounds – An excellent heal with an especially brief vary. Solely prices 1 AP and may take out Decaying or Undead slightly rapidly if you’re in melee vary. Additionally clears Standing Results.Cryotherapy – A wonderful solution to regain Magic Armour rapidly because you’ll be on Ice usually. In case you determine to take this Construct to Lone Wolf it is going to get a lot, way more use.International Cooling – This talent doesn’t do an entire lot of harm it doesn’t matter what, nevertheless it could freeze a number of enemies that don’t have any Magic Armour. Can even Freeze blood which reduces the price of each Necromancer and Hydrosophist Abilities.Therapeutic Ritual – A very good group heal with some vary, that additionally will hit Undead and Decaying targets for injury if they’re close by as properly. You gained’t use this one usually, however you’ll use it.Winter Blast – Offers actually good injury for two AP in an AoE that ignores teammates and in addition Chills enemies. Good for freezing small sections of the battlefield you should use for Ice Breaker or Chrotherapy.Mass Cleanse Wounds – An amazing AoE heal that removes a ton of Standing Results and heals for an excellent quantity. Will be acquired by dropping a Supply Orb into your Armour.Ice Breaker – This talent doesn’t achieve any profit from Intelligence or Energy, solely Hydrosophist appears to extend its (non-critical) injury. Works properly when paired with International Cooling.Necromancer SkillsBlood Sucker – This can be a nice decide up early on because it’s an excellent low cost heal for 1 AP. Can even injury Decaying enemies. Mix it with Raining Blood to deal good injury or get an excellent heal.Mosquito Swarm – Offers first rate injury and units the Bleeding Standing Impact. Has superb vary (13 meters) which is good. Additionally heals you for a good quantity of Vitality, which is good.Decaying Contact – This talent has very restricted vary however can deal good injury and set decaying, which lets you injury enemies with therapeutic. A non negotiable Talent for this Construct.Raining Blood – An effective way to assist get use of Elemental Affinity for those who want and in addition helps to ratchet up the injury of Grasp of the Starved. Will be Frozen with International Cooling, which has tons of makes use of.Shackles of Ache – This talent is a superb means of controlling the battlefield, because the AI within the recreation doesn’t prefer to hit you when you have this on one in every of them. Discover ways to use this and predict enemy conduct when utilized.Bone Cage – An amazing talent for buffing up your Armour and the extra useless our bodies across the higher. Between this and Armour of Frost it is best to hardly ever take any injury.Grasp of the Starved – This talent when correctly used offers insane injury and can all however 1 shot most enemies in its AoE. Remember to use in areas with plenty of Blood to maximise injury.Blood Storm – Could be the only deadliest talent within the recreation. For four AP and three SP you get a talent that offers insane injury to all targets in an enormous AoE, units Diseased and Decaying, then does it once more for two extra rounds.Warfare SkillsBouncing Protect – This talent works rather well with this Construct as a result of it doesn’t scale off of Energy, solely Warfare, which you should have a variety of. You too can improve the injury by upgrading your Protect.Deflective Barrier – An amazing talent for buffing your Bodily Armour and in addition dealing some injury to enemies. I like to make use of this flip 1 or 2 of any engagement to get the perfect outcomes.Phoenix Dive – This talent is helpful for closing the hole to enemies. You gained’t want it for those who took Tactical Retreat, however you’ll need at the very least one in every of these for certain. Will put you in vary to make use of Decaying Contact and Cleanse Wounds.Remaining TipsHealing offers Bodily Harm to Undead and Decaying targets and it doesn’t scale off of any Attribute, solely Hydrosophist and Character Stage. Due to this, the one different solution to improve the injury of it’s to extend your Essential Modifier (Warfare doesn’t improve the injury though it’s Bodily). To ensure that therapeutic to Essential Strike you have to have the Savage Sortilege Expertise, so you should definitely get this in Act 2 to spice up your injury. If Warfare ever results “healing damage” in a later patch this Construct will turn into godly…Bone Smasher is Undead.Remember to mix the Boots you’re sporting with Nails to stop your self from slipping on Ice. It’s additionally a good suggestion to do the identical for some other melee kind characters which will want to maneuver via the Ice to assault as properly.This Construct does superb injury with Water-based Abilities as a result of excessive Intelligence and excessive Hydrosophist, so be happy to fit extra of those for those who discover they’re serving to you (particularly early on when you’ll be able to’t get all of the Abilities listed above). Ice Fan and Hale Strike can work properly right here.In case you discover the enemy utilizing Cursed Hearth on the battlefield usually and mucking up your model of play, slot the Bless talent when you get it. It solely prices 1 AP and can can help you return to enterprise as normal. Remember to alternate between Rain and Raining Blood to maintain the battlefield lined in a freezable floor and to maintain up your Elemental Affinity Expertise. Don’t be afraid to make use of a “leap” talent to maneuver and “start over” if the place you’re standing is an excessive amount of of a catastrophe to be saved. You need to battle on Ice ALL the time for those who can.Bless actually helps to maintain your Ice from being tousled by Cursed Hearth, however few individuals notice that it really provides you the next bonuses and protections. Not unhealthy for 1 AP and 1 SP.All the time assault the Armour kind that’s weakest for those who can, and Freeze enemies if their Magic Armour is low, as an alternative of making an attempt to “heal them to death”. This Construct could be very versatile and you may deal a mixture of Water or Bodily Harm with pretty good outcomes. Crystalline Clerics are in all probability probably the greatest, if not the perfect Help characters within the recreation due to this and their capacity to heal.Lastly, this Construct is only a powerhouse in Lone Wolf, as many Builds are. You possibly can defeat total encounters solo with out this Expertise, so once you add this it simply turn into unfair. In case you’re up for a very tacky time you should definitely attempt it out.Remember to take a look at our different Construct Guides! Good luck Sourcerers, Rivellon is relying on you!

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