Weird theories about Amelia Earhart


As a result of spy theories by no means get outdated, here is one other one: In line with TIGHAR, in 1970, Joe Klaas’ e book Amelia Earhart Lives! made the extraordinary declare that Earhart not solely survived the crash, however was alive and properly and residing in New Jersey. What’s extra, Klaas knew her new title and the place to seek out her.
On this story, Earhart landed within the Marshall Islands, was captured by the Japanese, blah, blah, blah, and so on., and so on., after which was rescued by U.S. forces on the finish of World Struggle II. As an alternative of smiling and waving at her followers as they welcomed her dwelling, she determined to vary her title to Irene Bolam and get a job as a banker.
Unsurprisingly, this sort of upset the true Irene Bolam, who responded precisely how any non-public individual would when publicly accused of being a long-dead celeb — by suing Klaas and his writer. The e book was withdrawn from the market, however not like Earhart herself the idea refused to vanish. Bolam died in 1982, leaving others to boost the thought with out concern of retribution, and in 2003 yet one more e book (Amelia Earhart Survived, by Rollin Reineck) repeated the accusation. And except Bolam’s household decides to clear the air with DNA proof, it is unlikely that this idea is ever going to go away, regardless that the alien abduction idea and the one in regards to the hole Earth persons are admittedly much more believable.

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