Earlier than & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

Earlier than & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation



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  2. this video had inspired me to start losing weight

  3. If this isn’t inspiration, then I don’t know what is

  4. wow. cool..May be take a look at this video as well. A review

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  7. Hi
    I am not alcoholic or a smoker. But still I am too fat and my belly looks like I a balloon.
    I tried some of the methods like drinking honey in empty stomach..but nothing is working for me. I am seriously in depression

  8. Omg I love this

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  10. I love how authentic and relatable you are hannah! Your channel keeps me motivated to live a healthier life and strive for lifestyle changes, rather than just quick-fixes.
    Thanks <3

  11. my gf  used this program and there were definitely a big transformation 😀 Now we can make more positions when we make love 😀 That's the program she used – https://fitnessislife.lpages.co/rapid-weight-loss/

  12. thats look amazing. Please check out my transformation video in my channel.

  13. That cat looking phat. Yeah

  14. i mean totally fuckable (excuse me but im beeing honest )well done!

  15. This video is inspiring !

  16. Girl i need youre help

  17. Losing weight is the hardest thing for a woman, do you think like me?

  18. Sorry how is it that you dont have loose skin?
    Is it something you did or surgery?

  19. you started eating potatoes. .but that's fatty vegetable. .?

  20. Really is a great weight loss story
    Congratulations <3

  21. Aaaaaaahahahaha 30 fuckin bananas in a day?!?! Do you know how many carbs that is!?!?!?!! Aaaaaahahahahahaha

  22. This is so beautiful

  23. 2017 America leads the way in overweight, which means that American life expectancy is going down, we have to look straight at it.

  24. At 3:58 a fly flew off her salad lol

  25. تىزءؤىى. ؤ

  26. I blow up on carbs. Doesn't matter if it comes from veggies and fruits or candy and cakes.

  27. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.See this: http://yobuilder.com/7nXB

  28. Congratulations! Tbh i found you more attractive at the start but i like curvy girls lol

  29. Do girls not get loose skin or were you a rare case where your skin bounced back? cause I follow alot of guys who loose like 100lb or even 200 lb and they get loose skin but I would have never guessed you were overweight before… Just a curious


  31. damn youre hot as hell, respect!

  32. This is inspirational.We together did it 🙂 Good luck


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