A Complete Pegan Eating regimen Information and 7-Day Meal Plan


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There isn’t any one-size-fits-all strategy to diet or the “perfect diet.” Ask 10 folks on the road, “How should we eat?” And also you’ll get 10 completely different solutions—assured. However, if we merely take into account the important “ingredients” each human physique requires, the Pegan Eating regimen checks off each field—mixing the “best” of each worlds of the Vegan and Paleo diets, united.



What Is the Pegan Diet? Whereas the Pegan (Paleo + Vegan) food plan could sound like an oxymoron, it’s not. As a substitute, it’s an “olive branch”—bridging the hole between two seemingly fully completely different consuming mentalities (Paleo and Vegan) which might be really extra alike than we expect.


Primarily based on the ideas of consuming “real food,” the Pegan food plan is an strategy that strips away the moralistic identities, stereotypes and meals guidelines many individuals throughout the Paleo and Vegan meals worlds create, as a substitute encouraging us all to easily be…human.


Do as people do and eat as people have been designed to eat, together with:


  • Tons of Contemporary Greens (the principle stars of your plate)
  • Anti-Inflammatory Fat & Oils
  • Uncooked Nuts & Seeds
  • Some Contemporary Fruits & Starchy Roots and Tubers
  • Sustainably Raised Proteins


The Pegan food plan acknowledges that, though we dwell in modern-day Halo High ice cream and Stylish-Fil-A drive-thru occasions, the human physique’s important dietary wants have actually not modified for the reason that starting of time. Identical to vegetation have all the time wanted water, daylight, and wealthy soil to outlive, and identical to a Ferrari wants premium gasoline within the tank to go, the human physique wants 4 foremost macronutrients for “thrival” (thriving + survival):


  1. Carbohydrate
  2. Proteins
  3. Fat
  4. Water


Ideally, all jam-packed with the most effective nutritional vitamins and minerals in fact.


Pegan Eating regimen Meals

What are the most effective sources of every of those macronutrients or meals teams, the first, least processed, sustainable variations?


Carbohydrates (Portion: half to 2/Three of your plate) – Darkish leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, squashes, asparagus, inexperienced beans, candy potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beets, plantains, contemporary fruits,(natural as a lot as doable, particularly the “dirty dozen”). If grains and beans are desired, soaked and sprouted beans and Jasmine white rice.



Proteins (Portion: 1/four to 1/Three of your plate) – Natural, pastured, grass-fed and wild caught hen, fish, beef, eggs, broths and organ meats.


Fat (1/four to 1/Three of your plate) – Coconut oil, ghee, avocado, coconut butter, further virgin olive oil, avocado oil, uncooked grass-fed full fats dairy merchandise (if dairy is tolerated, like yogurt, kefir, and grass-fed butter), uncooked (soaked) nuts and seeds.


Severely, Even Animal Protein?! – Sure, even animal protein—full sources of protein make up condiment-sized parts (about 1/four to 1/Three of the typical Pegan plate for no less than 1-2 meals per day, if not Three).


Clearly, the elephant within the room with regards to Paleo and Vegan debacles is protein. Paleo folks say, “Bring on the steak, bacon and eggs!” proper? Whereas Vegan folks say, “Meat causes cancer, makes me feel heavy and hurts the animals!” C’mon, can the 2 actually see eye-to-eye?!


The Pegan food plan preaches neither of these items. As a substitute, it says, cease arguing a lot about who is true and who’s unsuitable, and look to human physique well being and science.


The Pegan food plan acknowledges that each Paleo and Vegan have advantages. Like a personality strengths evaluation for locating your private greatest strengths, it encourages people to maximise the professionals or prime strengths of each Vegan and Paleo so as to really feel, look, transfer and dwell your greatest life.


Vegan Eating regimen Professionals

Colourful – The first basis of the Vegan dietary philosophy relies on veggies. Earlier than there have been Tofurkey, 5-fruit smoothie bowls and Vegan donuts, there was darkish leafy greens, candy potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, eggplant, carrots, beets, parsnips, herbs, leeks, Brussels sprouts, squashes and past. Style the rainbow.


Nutrient Dense Complete Meals – The normal Vegan food plan additionally acknowledges the significance of reducing out the Commonplace American Eating regimen and constructing your food plan on actual, nutrient-dense (actual) meals. Not simply avocado toast, canned beans, Amy’s frozen dinners, Vegan tamales, and granola, however actual, complete meals together with veggies, PLUS wholesome fat (olive and avocado oils, olives, coconut) and average quantities of soaked and sprouted nuts, seeds and beans.


Sustainability – Eat from the earth, love the animals and reconnect to the land. Tis the Vegan “way of life.” A conventional Vegan food plan is eager to the GMO, hormone, antibiotic and pesticide laden farming practices of the fashionable day, and goals to help farmers and get again to “being human”—consuming and connecting to the earth accurately.


Easy – The Vegan food plan shouldn’t be rocket science. Eat actual meals, largely vegetation, is the motto. What’s so dangerous about that?


Paleo Eating regimen Professionals

Balanced – The Paleo food plan is based on balanced diet—consuming proteins, carbohydrates, and fat in simply correct quantity that your physique must thrive.


Nutrient Dense Complete Meals – Like Vegan, Paleo is ALL about actual, nutrient-dense complete meals. Earlier than there was Paleo pizza, pancakes, cookies, crackers, french fries and chips, there was actual, complete meals.


Sustainability – “Support your local farmers and sustainable agriculture!” Paleo advocates cry. – Attain for pastured, grass-fed, natural animal meats and even grass-fed uncooked dairy; natural, GMO-free produce; non-hydrogenated, non-industrial fat and oils.


Easy – You’ll be able to’t get a lot less complicated than simply consuming actual meals. Meat and fish, nuts and seeds, veggies, some starch, a bit of fruit, no sugar, numerous water. Spice it up with herbs and spices of selection and bada bing, bada increase, dinner is served.


Not Restrictive – Other than reducing out the standard culprits, i.e. the usual american food plan, Paleo consuming is all about discovering the most effective strategy on your physique—for some, that’s increased carb, others increased fats, and nonetheless others, someplace in between.


Paleo additionally has an alternative to virtually each outdated staple favourite, with anti-inflammatory components if you happen to prepare dinner and eat mindfully. Whereas some people run into the impediment of constructing their new Paleo food plan (or Vegan food plan for that matter) on nothing however enjoyable meals, you possibly can combine Paleo pizza, pancakes and hen tenders into your plate with an emphasis nonetheless on veggies, wholesome fat and sustainable proteins. Even average quantities of correctly ready rice and beans (soaked and sprouted) will be included.


Vegan Eating regimen Cons

Low Veggie Consumption – Regardless of the phrase “veg” in its title, many individuals’s Vegan and Vegetarian primarily based diets nonetheless neglect greens, choosing fruit, grains, beans, soy, and nuts and seeds as the bottom of meals. Translation: no shade, antioxidant, vitamin and mineral wealthy meals (only one in 10 People eats the beneficial variety of veggies—CDC, 2017).


Soy Consumption – Soy is taken into account a vital protein supply for Vegetarian and Vegan diets, nonetheless, most types bought in shops are extremely processed (learn: man-made) variations of the actual, fermented sort.


Soy incorporates phytoestrogens (plant elements) which might be structurally just like the estrogen that we produce in our our bodies. Phytoestrogenic plants can affect our own hormones by altering the degrees of estrogen in our our bodies relative to different intercourse hormones, disrupting the physique’s hormonal stability and sometimes leading to a lower in estrogen manufacturing and a rise in androgens—hi there PMS, pimples, temper imbalances breast most cancers and irritation.


Soy additionally inhibits the absorption of different vitamins, due to the phytates and lectins on its shell. Whereas it could be tempting to argue that cultures everywhere in the world have been consuming soy for hundreds of years with no unwanted effects, soy in America agriculture at this time is essentially the most continuously genetically-modified crop and it normally comes housed with a number of endocrine-disrupting pesticides.


Processed Meals – The usual American food plan nonetheless carries over into Vegan fare, together with seed oils, sugar, refined flour, corn, components, and grains. These meals comprise over 50% of the entire energy consumed every day by folks within the industrialized world. Suppose: packaged and processed Tofurkey, Seitan, frozen dinners, Wheat Thins, Kashi Krunch, pretzels, vitality bars, oatmeal, ice cream bars, ramen noodles, and extra.


Not solely are they nearly fully devoid of the vitamins our our bodies (and our intestine micro organism) have to perform at their peak, however when consumed in extra they promote weight achieve, irritation, intestine dysfunction, and contribute to just about each fashionable illness you possibly can consider.


Examine the components: if you happen to don’t know what sodium dioxide is, or another chemical, neither does your physique.


Id – For some, being Vegan turns into an id. Like being a “punk,” a “plastic,” a jock, a mathlete, or the rest in highschool. Being Vegan is extra than simply what you eat, for some, it’s who you’re.


Sweets & Treats – Vegan pancakes, Vegan cupcakes, Vegan cookies, Vegan ice cream, Vegan chocolate, Vegan _____ (fill-in-the-blank). So long as it’s Vegan, it’s all good. Suppose once more.


B-Vitamin & Zinc Deficiencies – After about Three-5 years of feeling good on a Vegan or Vegetarian food plan, many individuals hit a wall—fatigue, bloating, dry pores and skin, mind fog, pores and skin breakouts, allergic reactions, complications, a gradual metabolism.


And lots of occasions, a blood panel and different lab assessments reveal these signs are associated to deficiencies, particularly Vitamin B12 and Zinc—two necessities lacking in most Vegan and Vegetarian diets since animal protein and organ meats are the richest sources of each. In actual fact greater than 50% of all Vegan and Vegetarians are deficient in one or both of these.


B12 is also referred to as the vitality vitamin and performs an necessary position in all issues metabolism. Zinc is chargeable for protecting your intestine lining robust and digestion in tip-top form, in addition to regulating your metabolism.


With out these two foundational substances, “holes” or “leaks” within the basis of well being, vitality, immunity, pores and skin well being, metabolism and digestion occur. Whereas you could find these two nutritional vitamins and minerals in some plant sources (like beans and spinach), they aren’t almost as absorbable as animal proteins because of anti-nutrient elements that bind to the nutritional vitamins and minerals themselves, making them more durable to digest.


Blood Sugar Imbalances – A gradual food plan of acai fruit bowls, fruit juices and smoothies, grain-based diets, bars, shakes, fruit and low fats consumption sends the physique on a blood sugar curler coaster since its major supply of gas is carbohydrates.


No meals is innately dangerous, however after we lean too far proper or left, away from stability, an imbalance can happen. Blood sugar imbalance signs vary from feeling indignant when hungry, low vitality, cravings for sugar or caffeine, dependence on espresso to perform, insatiable urge for food, wired and drained at evening, episodes of bingeing, shakiness or complications earlier than meals. Fats and protein are necessities to maintain signs at bay.


Constipation & Bloating – Gasoline, bloating and constipation—“What gives?! I am eating healthy!” You cry.


Reply: usually occasions, leaky intestine. Grains, beans, and nuts all comprise substances known as anti-nutrients—particularly lectin and phytates. These elements assist vegetation and grains survive climate and predators within the wild, however when consumed in copious quantities, they wreak havoc on our intestine lining.


Think about if you happen to have been to swallow a pinball from a pinball machine—what would occur? It will ping round in your intestine. The identical factor occurs with increased consumptions of meals which might be unabsorbable. As well as, since Vegan and Vegetarian diets are sometimes missing in B-Nutritional vitamins, Zinc and amino acids (present in proteins), intestinal permeability (leaky intestine), IBS signs and low abdomen acid manufacturing are frequent. Abdomen acid, specifically, is crucial to selling wholesome digestion.


Poor Cleansing, Fatty Liver & Gallbladder Dysfunction – Low-fat diets can set off gallbladder and liver dysfunction—inhibiting digestion and detoxing pathways. Your gallbladder is an organ that shops bile produced from the liver (bile is a fluid that helps you digest fats).


Whenever you eat wholesome fat with a meal, your gallbladder releases saved bile to interrupt down the fats in order that your different fat-digesting enzymes can do their job. For those who eat loads of wholesome fat, like coconut oil, fatty fish, avocados, ghee and olive oil, your gallbladder empties out fairly usually. However what in case your food plan is principally wheat, rice, beans, nuts, and corn, and incorporates nearly no different sources of fats?


Sadly, the bile sits round within the gallbladder rising increasingly more concentrated. Finally, ldl cholesterol and different substances begin to accumulate and will type painful gallstones, in addition to put you in danger for poisonous burden, low vitality, and digestive difficulties.


Paleo Eating regimen Cons

Low Veggie Consumption – Just like a Vegan food plan, Paleo peeps aren’t significantly better. Deliver on the eggs and bacon, perhaps an iceberg or romaine lettuce wrap with turkey, and a few broccoli or Brussels sprouts with dinner—nonetheless on the low aspect of veggies.


Typical Meats – Tyson farm-raised hen and natural, pastured hen are two completely completely different birds. Typical meats are the sorts of proteins related to irritation and illness in some research. We eat what our animals eat and if our animals ate rat feces and diets equal to the usual American food plan, we additionally eat Kibbles & Bits.


Moreover, many typical meat manufacturing strategies use antibiotics and hormones to advertise animal development and velocity up the manufacturing time. Antibiotics are related to alterations in gut microbiota destruction, resulting in irritation and elevated danger for illness.


Paradoxically, most individuals by no means assume that the identical brokers that fatten up meat animals (antibiotics, grains) will doubtless additionally trigger weight achieve in people. Synthetic hormones are also associated with inflammation together with colon and breast most cancers, in addition to insulin resistance (blood sugar imbalances).


Whereas the U.S. authorities could declare each strategies of animal manufacturing are “safe,” many different nations have banned such practices in meat production hinting at doubtlessly another reason the U.S. is the least wholesome of all developed nations.


Even when your protein supply says “natural” or “hormone free,” don’t imagine all the pieces you hear. The phrase pure is an unregulated time period meaning nothing greater than, at one time, the meat, or different meals sources (like Tropicana Orange Juice, or wheat bread) was pure.


Processed Meals – Packaged and processed meals exist in Paleo fare too. Paleo bars, shakes, jerky, crackers, and chips usually take the place of actual, complete meals as a result of, in spite of everything, the label says Paleo.


The consequence? Not solely can basing our diets on processed meals result in nutrient deficiencies and low vitality, but in addition units the stage for digestive difficulties. Dry meals—like nuts, crackers, chips, bars, and jerky—with out sufficient hydrating meals—like veggies, contemporary fruits and water—can “dry out” the digestive system, leaving out hydrating fiber to push meals by means of your intestine.


Id – Paleo shouldn’t be your title, however like all food plan, it may possibly additionally turn out to be an id (with morals hooked up). Wish to strive a chocolate chip cookie your grandma made, or eat some rice together with your sushi? Solely if you wish to additionally really feel guilt! Paleo id typically takes on a lifetime of its personal, and no matter how you’re feeling once you eat sure meals, if the label says Paleo, you’re on board.


Sweets & Treats – Paleo pancakes, Paleo cupcakes, Paleo cookies, Paleo ice cream, Paleo chocolate, Paleo _____ (fill-in-the-blank). So long as it’s Paleo, it’s all good. Suppose once more.


Nut Intestine – Nuts and seeds are staples for many Paleo (and Vegan) diets. Deliver on the almond butter, solar butter, almonds, pistachios, cashew butter, path combine, almond flour bread, almond flour pizza crust, almond flour crackers, and all the pieces in between.


Nonetheless, eat too many nuts, and constipation is a standard aspect impact. “I don’t get why I am bloated, gassy or constipated all the time,” #saidManyNutAddicts. Hiya nut intestine!


Nuts, like grains and beans, comprise tough to digest lectins and phytates on their outer shells (to guard them from predators and climate within the wild). Once we ingest them continuously—and in bigger portions (similar to greater than a tablespoon or two of nut butter, or a closed handful of nuts for most people)—it may possibly result in issues.


Unintended Weight-reduction plan – Are you consuming sufficient? When an individual goes Paleo, many elderly staples of their normal American food plan get the boot…as do most of the energy and vitality dense meals they have been consuming.


It may be simple to fall into the entice of under-eating once you minimize out bread, cereals, pasta, cheese, and different meals that won’t have been offering you with vitamins, however extra vitality. Failing to switch these meals with nutrient and energy-rich meals sources, like sufficient starchy tubers and root veggies, sufficient wholesome fat and average parts of sustainable proteins will be simple to do.


The consequence? Low vitality, feeling hungry on a regular basis or full lack of urge for food, amenorrhea, undesirable weight achieve or a slowed metabolism, and feeling like “Paleo is not working!”


Espresso Gone Water – Espresso is like water for some within the Paleo group—particularly Bulletproof espresso, or “butter coffee.” Who must spend time cooking breakfast when you can begin the day with a cup of Joe with a giant dollop of butter and MCT oil to get going?


The issue? Lacking out no less than 1/Three of vitamins for the day (the place are the greens?!). To not point out, many of us run into caffeine dependence—coaching your blood sugar, insulin, vitality and cortisol hormone ranges to run off (and wish) espresso to perform or “feel normal.”


What occurs once you don’t have it? Not feeling like “yourself”—no vitality, complications, sleepiness or fatigue, dragging on the fitness center or work, mind fog and past. Consuming espresso shouldn’t be a nasty factor, however dependence on espresso is.


Tummy Troubles – Simply because a meals is wholesome doesn’t imply it’s wholesome on your physique—proper now. Whereas recovering from a former lifetime of consuming the usual American food plan, many individuals uncover they’re additionally in restoration—of their intestine well being.


Bloating, constipation and gasoline are nonetheless their norm—regardless that they’re maintaining a healthy diet! “What gives?!” they cry. Though the Paleo food plan is an actual meals food plan, in case you have sure underlying intestine issues—like bacterial overgrowth, SIBO, bacterial imbalance (Dysbiosis), leaky intestine, meals intolerances, parasitic, fungal and/or yeast infections—then the usual Paleo food plan alone will in all probability not be the final word treatment all, for serving to reverse these circumstances.


Typically occasions folks with intestine points uncover they can not tolerate sure inflammatory or pathogenic micro organism engaging meals like FODMAPS , nightshades (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, chili powder, and many others.), histamine meals (vinegar, fermented meals, cured meats, cheese, citrus, avocado, nuts, smoked fish) or different pro-inflammatory meals (egg whites, nuts, shellfish, dairy). No, you gained’t be delicate to all these, however Paleo diets don’t all the time take intestine points under consideration.


The Eating regimen Backside Line

In the case of diets and diet, there isn’t a one measurement suits all strategy to which guidelines or pointers you observe, however if you happen to ask your physique what it wants and needs to thrive upon, likelihood is (if it might converse), it might cry stability!


The Pegan food plan philosophy is simply that. Pegan goals to negate the cons of each Paleo and Vegan extremes whereas leveraging the professionals that every dietary philosophy brings to the desk. The consequence ought to be a win-win.


Above all, the Pegan food plan is basically no food plan in any respect, no less than the best way we outline food plan in fashionable tradition as being about weight reduction, fats loss, and restrictive focus. As a substitute, the Pegan food plan upholds the true which means of the Latin phrase dieta which implies: a lifestyle. Pegan stands for the lifestyle people used to eat—earlier than any labels, Paleo and Vegan cupcakes, Instagram and food plan books existed in any respect.


The 2 major inquiries to ask your self when contemplating whether or not Vegan, Paleo, Pegan or my favourite of all, Simply Consuming Actual Meals, is best for you?


  1. How does my physique really feel?
  2. What indicators and signs of imbalance and nutrient deficiency—if any—am I experiencing in my very own pores and skin? Similar to hormone imbalances, fatigue, bloating, constipation, brittle nails or hair, and many others.


The solutions to each of those questions can then assist you to determine the important vitamins that could be lacking in your former die-hard Paleo or Vegan methods—letting go of the id or guidelines you could have wrapped up in both, and as a substitute take into account the simplicity of simply consuming a stability of actual meals.


Pegan Meal Plan

What might a day within the lifetime of consuming Pegan seem like for you? Let’s strive 7!


Keep in mind these four issues:


  • Construct your plate round your veggie superstars
  • Add in 1-2 servings of wholesome fat
  • Add no less than a condiment-sized portion of protein with MOST meals
  • Keep away from inflammatory meals as a lot as doable (most grains, meals that make you’re feeling bloated, gassy or constipated, processed and packaged meals)


Day 1

Veggie Scramble (1-2 pastured eggs or egg yolks) with spinach, mushrooms and yellow squash in coconut oil

Handful contemporary berries


Collard inexperienced wrap with tuna + avocado oil mayo

Rainbow carrot “fries”


Butternut squash + coconut milk soup with floor bison

Spinach salad with oil & vinegar


Day 2
Breakfast Chia seed + collagen protein banana pudding

Black beans

1-2 slices natural turkey

Roasted zucchini & yellow squash with avocado oil


Herb crusted salmon

Cauliflower Rice

Sauteed Rainbow Chard


Day Three
Breakfast Inexperienced Smoothie (coconut milk, grass-fed beef protein, half banana, half avocado)
Lunch Berrylicious Salad (Greens + Shredded Rooster + Strawberries + Coconut Butter + Pecans)

Pastured Rooster Thighs

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Japanese Candy Potato with Olive Oil drizzle


Day four

Pumpkin Muffin

Physique Boosting Tea (chai tea + 1 tbsp. MCT oil + collagen peptides + cinnamon + vanilla)


Leftover Rooster (from Day Three)

Brussels Sprouts (From Day Three)

Carrot Fries (from Day Three)


Spaghetti Squash with Avocado Basil Pesto

Grass-fed Floor Beef

Roasted Broccoli with Dietary Yeast


Day 5
Breakfast Bone Broth with 1 tbsp. Ghee + Collagen (blended)
Lunch Leftover Spaghetti Squash with Paleo Mayo, Greens & Turkey
Dinner Cabbage “Stir Fry” with Shrimp, Carrots, Purple Bell Pepper, Mushrooms & Coconut Aminos


Day 6

Portobello Mushrooms + 1-2 Pastured Eggs + Avocado

Asparagus Spears with Olive Oil


Canned Wild Salmon


Roasted Veggies (from stir fry final evening)

Paleo Honey Mustard

Dinner Veggie Plate (Beets, Carrots, Chard) with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds & Lemon Garlic Dressing


Day 7
Breakfast Cherry Vanilla Smoothie (cherries, coconut milk, greens, avocado, Equip Foods vanilla beef isolate or Prime Crops protein powder, cinnamon)

Leftover Veggie Plate Veggies

Home made Chick-pea Hummus (Soaked and sprouted)


Floor Turkey & Veggie Burgers

Parsnip “Fries”

Rainbow Chard (pan sauteed in ghee)


I’ve numerous recipes and options on my web site, Dr. Lauryn, together with a pumpkin muffin, and easy Paleo swaps for the standard American diet so, be sure to examine them out if you happen to want extra concepts.

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