15 Recipes So Simple, You Don't Have to Chop a Single Ingredient


Fact be instructed, I usually discover that chopping components is probably the most tedious a part of getting ready any meal. It all the time takes longer than I anticipate, particularly if the knives I am utilizing aren’t as much as snuff. And after I’m exhausted and hungry, the very last thing I wish to do is spend 15 minutes chopping up greens—probably longer if I am working with one thing sturdy like squash or time-consuming like brussels sprouts—after which much more time washing the chopping board and knife.

To get me via these sorts of days, I’ve assembled an arsenal of recipes that require no chopping in any respect. These 15 dishes depend on components which might be already prepped and able to go, like frozen corn, canned beans, and leafy greens that you would be able to tear aside in the event you do not feel like getting a knife out. Dishes like soy and ginger steamed fish, white bean quesadillas, and lamb with herbs will show that you just need not have knife expertise to make a superb meal.

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